What is CERAWeek? | CERAWeek Awardee 2021: PM Modi

CERAWeek Was Started in 1983 by Dr. Daniel Yergin, it has been coordinated yearly in Houston, the United States in the month of March. It is viewed as the world’s premier annual energy platform.It is a get-together of energy industry leaders, experts, government authorities and policymakers, leaders from the technology, financial and industrial communities, and energy technology, innovators.

For almost forty years, CERAWeek has been giving a coordinated system to understanding the thing that’s inevitably coming for worldwide energy markets, international affairs, and innovation. Members incorporate senior heads, government authorities, thought pioneers, scholastics, innovation trend-setters, and monetary leaders.​

CERAWeek Mission सेरावीक अवॉर्ड

CERAWeek unites worldwide pioneers to progress novel thoughts, knowledge, and answers for the greatest difficulties confronting the eventual fate of energy, the climate, and the environment. Presently in its 39th year, CERAWeek is broadly viewed as the most esteemed yearly assembling of CEOs and Ministers from worldwide energy and utilities, just as a car, assembling, strategy, and monetary networks, alongside a developing presence of tech. It has been portrayed by the Financial Times as ‘the Davos of energy,’ and by Politico as the “industry’s Super Bowl”. CNBC called it “the world’s superior energy meeting”.CERAWeek was evaluated as one of the best five generally “corporate pioneer” gatherings in the world.​

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The CERAWeek Community

The CERAWeek people group is a novel get-together of top worldwide energy heads and driving individuals from the modern, auto, assembling and innovation networks, just as open strategy authorities, monetary foundations, tech, and thought pioneers. In 2019, CERAWeek united more than 5,000 members, addressing 90 nations – including three U.S. Bureau Secretaries, both the Chair and Ranking Member of the Senate Energy Committee, forty energy priests, CEOs from the significant oil organizations, just as CEOs from driving worldwide force, renewables, foundation, car, innovation, framework, synthetic compounds and monetary firms. Likewise taking an interest were twelve city chairmen, heads US public labs, and superior scholastics from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Rice – alongside in excess of 150 new companies.

India Energy Forum by CERAWeek follow the following key points:

On October 26-28, 2020, a large number of agents from Indian, local, and worldwide energy organizations, establishments, and governments assembled basically for the fourth India Energy Forum by CERAWeek under the support of Honorable Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

  • Effect of the Pandemic on India’s future energy interest.
  • Getting supplies for India’s financial development.
  • How might energy change and the environment plan affect India?
  • Flammable gas in India’s Energy Mix: What’s the way
  • Refining and petrochemicals: Strategies middle excess
  • The speed of development: Biofuel, hydrogen, CCS, electric vehicles and computerized change.
  • Market and administrative change: What is ahead?

The 39th version of the yearly CERAWeek Conference 2021 was held practically interestingly from March 1-5,2021 where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was consulted with CERAWeek Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award. CERA represents Cambridge Energy Research Associates(CERA).

PM Modi tended to the CERAWeek Conference

PM Narendra Modi tended to the CERAweek 2021 Conference where he featured the accompanying focuses:

  1. Target: India has set an objective to help the portion of gas in its fuel blend to 15% from the current 6% by 2030.
  2.  Significant difficulties: Climate change and catastrophes are significant difficulties that can be defeated in two different ways viz. arrangements, laws, rules, and arranges; and conduct change.
  3. India’s woodland cover and population of lions, tigers, panthers and waterfowls have been expanded in the course of the most recent seven years.
  4. US is a significant provider of LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) to India.

About the CERAWeek Award:

CERAWeek Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award Organized in 2016, the honor perceives the responsibility of authority to the eventual fate of worldwide energy and climate and for offering arrangements and approaches for energy access, reasonableness, and natural stewardship.

About CERAWeek Conference 2021

Coordinated by IHS Markit, the meetings and subjects of the gathering were propelled by the new book named “The New Map: Energy, Climate and the Clash of Nations”.The book is composed by IHS Markit Vice Chairman and CERAWeek Chairman Daniel Yergin.

  • It was coordinated following two years as the 2020 meeting was dropped because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • It ought to be noticed that the Saudi Arabian Oil Company Araco plans to make a world-scale hydrogen business by 2030.

Key Themes:

Energy Transition environment and ESG; The New Map of Geopolitics; Economic Recovery, Markets and Investment; Innovation and Technology; and Workforce of the Future.

Prominent Speakers:

US unique official agent for environment John Kerry; Co-seat of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and author of advancement Energy Bill Gates; and President and CEO, Saudi Aramco, Amin Nasser.

Recent Related News:

  1. On twelfth February 2021, the Ministry of tribal affairs won the Award of appreciation under project category award in the eighteenth Computer Society of India Special Interest Group on e-Governance Awards 2020 for its Performance Dashboard Empowering Tribals Transforming India through various ICT activities.
  2. On seventeenth February 2021, the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India was chosen as one of the champs of the fifth Asia Environmental Enforcement Award, 2020 by the United Nations Environment Programme.

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