Light House Projects

Light House Project: On January 1, 2021 the Prime Minister had dispatched Lighthouse projects, to utilize state-of-the-art innovation and technology to be done the light housing projects quicker and make the structures stronger. PM Narendra Modi considered the Lighthouse projects the nation over. In this article, we will describe to you Lighthouse projects, their benefits, importance, etc. So, to get complete information read till last.

The Light Housing Projects are model housing projects with houses worked with shortlisted substitute technology/ innovation appropriate to the geo-climatic and hazard conditions of the region. This will show and deliver prepared to live houses with speed, economy and with better nature of development in a reasonable way. The time of construction is most extreme a year from the date of giving over of locales to the construction agency after every single legal approval. Approvals will be concurred through a most optimized plan process by the concerned State Government.

These Light House Project will fill in as LIVE Laboratories for various parts of Transfer of technologies to field application, like arranging, plan, creation of parts, construction practices, development works on, testing, and so on for both faculty and understudies, of IITs, NITs, engineering colleges, planning and architecture colleges, manufacturers, builders, and stakeholders and other different partners associated with such construction.

  • Six Technology suppliers have been chosen by a thorough web-based bidding process for construction and development of the Light House Projects at six different areas within the six states.
  • The Light House Projects will be a best and grand showcase and to the best utilization of trendy substitute worldwide advancements and technologies, processes, and materials in the construction and development area at a huge scale for the first time in the country.
  • The houses will be constructed and developed under GHTC-India, which intends to give a local climate and ecology and an ecosystem for the holistic adoption of innovative technologies in the housing construction and development area.
  • The Light House Projects will be attempted and implemented at Rajkot in Gujarat state, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh state and Indore in Madhya Pradesh state, and Ranchi in Jharkhand state, and Chennai in Tamil Nadu state, and Agartala in Tripura state.
  • The project will involve approx 1000 houses at every area along with allied infrastructure facilities.
  • It will principally plan to deliver prepared to live houses at an attached pace within a year.
  • These houses will be more economical, sustainable, durable and of high quality in comparison to the conventional brick and mortar construction.
  • These houses will be more economical, sustainable, supportable, strong and of top-quality in contrast with the traditional brick and mortar construction.
  • These six projects will represent a new effective way to the housing construction across the country.

Advantages of the Light House Project

  • PM Modi has established the framework of the Light House Projects under the Global Housing Technology Challenge-India at six different destinations within the six states in India.
  •  The GHTC-India is a program that would prompt the construction and development of more than 1,000 houses each in these urban areas in a range of a year.
  • The project is a cost gainful and beneficial project.
  • The project is climate-friendly as pre-assembled materials would be used and earth quake resistant.
  • The expense of every one of the houses would be INR 12.59 lakhs.
  • The Indian Government would give a subsidy of INR 7.83 lakhs to the buyer and the remainder of the amount that is of INR 4.76 lakhs would be paid by the beneficiaries.
  • Central Government and State Government both would be associated with the task cost-bearing interaction.
  •  It is to be sure that the project is a decent and effective chance for people of the cities it has been dispatched in.

Key factors about developments in various cities:

According to PM Modi, the houses built under this project would be requiring a minimum of time to be done and would likewise be effective and affordable. Current construction and development practices from Canada/ Germany/ France, and so forth are being incorporated to accomplish this project.

  • In Indore, the houses would not have brick and mortar walls. Rather than these, a pre-created sandwich board framework would be utilized.
  • In Rajkot, solid cement would be used. This innovation/ technology had a place with France and would give momentum to the building to withstand major disasters such as earthquakes and so on.
  • Canada innovation is being utilized in the places of Lucknow. This implies they would have walls/ dividers previously built without the need for plaster and paint.
  • In Agartala, one of a kind technology of steel frames would be utilized. This technology is acquired from New Zealand.
  • In Chennai, Finland’s and America’s precast concrete frameworks would be practically and functionally used.
  • In the Ranchi, the houses are build with a 3-D construction technology sourced from Germany would be used.
Madhya Pradesh
Prefabricated Sandwich Panel System1024
Monolithic Concrete Construction using Tunnel Formwork1144
Tamil Nadu
Precast Concrete Construction System – Precast Components Assembled at Site1152
Precast Concrete Construction System – 3D Volumetric1008
Light Gauge Steel Structural System & Pre-engineered Steel Structural System1000
Uttar Pradesh
PVC Stay In Place Formwork System1040

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