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Lottery Sambad is one of the lottery games in India. Sambad lottery results are very valuable to their players. You can get the daily lottery results early and early on this website. The Dear Lottery Sambad result file is available for download in PDF format, or you can view the result online on the official website. Sambad lottery game is also very easy to play, you need to follow the few steps to become part of the system, just spend a few rupees (INR) to buy this lottery ticket and visit our website every day to check the results of the Sambad lottery.

These games have many benefits because the revenue generated by these games is used for many large-scale projects, such as the construction of hospitals, churches, universities, and the improvement of the people. , And others. Basically, there is an Indian newspaper called Sambad, which is a very popular newspaper in India. Millions of Indians love this newspaper and read it every day. Many people play the lottery and win a lot of money from it. Just buy a simple Sambad lottery ticket and try your luck. The detailed information of the winning prizes and the prizes mentioned below are checked, play and enjoy.

State Lottery Sambad Overview

Sambad lottery ScheduleDetails
Morning First Draw11:55 AM
Day Second Draw04:00 PM
Night Third Draw08:00 PM
Announcement of ResultsDaily
Daily SchedulePDF
Official WebsiteSambad Lotteries Result

Types of lottery sambad Lottery

Sambad has three main types of names, and each state in India has a different name. Today, the editor will introduce the different types of lottery tickets, so that you can understand the time and schedule of the lottery.

Lottery Sambad night result 8 AM: Nagaland Morning Lottery Sambad

Nagaland Sambad Lottery at Lottery Sambad morning result at 8 AM is called the Nagaland Lottery. As you know, Nagaland is a state in India, and Mohr became popular under this name in Nagaland. People search Nagaland Lottery results and others online, I hope they know the name of the result.

Lottery Sambad night result 8 PM : Nagaland State Lottery Night

Nagaland Sambad Lottery at Lottery Sambad night result 8 PM is called the Nagaland Lottery. As you know, Nagaland is a state in India, and Mohr became popular under this name in Nagaland. People search Nagaland Lottery results and others online, I hope they know the name of the result.

Lottery Sambad day result 4 PM : West Bengal Sambad Lottery

West Bengal Lottery The second and most popular sambad lottery result announced every day at 4 AM is also known as the West Bengal Lottery. People search the Internet for results like West Bengal lottery results. Thousands of players are playing this state lottery and check the results of the draw here

Lottery Sambad Morning

At 11:55 in the morning, Sambad announced the morning lottery results. People are excited to see the results every morning. This is the first result of the day, and many people have won it. The remaining inquiries and results will be announced at the time of publication. Therefore, you must stay active on the site to gather them all under one roof.

Lottery Sambad Morning Result 11:55 AM

Morning Lottery has Weekly Games, which are as follows:

Morning LotteryDaysWinning prize
Dear Loving MorningMonday11 Lakhs
Dear Sincere MorningTuesday50 Lakhs
Dear Faithful MorningWednesday50 Lakhs
Dear Kind MorningThursday50 Lakhs
Dear Tender MorningFriday50 lakhs
Dear Gentle MorningSaturday50 lakhs
Dear Affectionate MorningSunday50 lakhs

Lottery Sambad Day

At 04:00 PM in the afternoon, Sambad announced the morning lottery results. People are excited to see the results every morning. This is the second result of the day, and many people have won it.

Lottery Sambad 04:00 PM Result

Draw DaysDraw Names
SaturdayDear Banga-bhumi Ajay
SundayDear Banga-bhumi Bhagirathi
MondayDear Banga-lakshmi Raidak
TuesdayDear Banga-Lakshmi Torsha
WednesdayDear Banga-Lakshmi Teesta
ThursdayDear Banga-Shree Ichamati
FridayDear Banga-Shree Damodar

Lottery Sambad Night

The Sambad Night Today lottery result is also called Nagaland State Lottery.

Lottery Sambad 08:00 PM Result

DaysNagaland State Lottery Name
MondayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Valture Evening
SaturdayDear Ostrich Evening
SundayDear Hawk Evening

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List

The amazing thing about this lottery is, there are 3 chances to win a lottery every day and win a lot of prizes. The following is a complete guide to real-time. Basically, the lottery game was first introduced in China in 187 BC, then it was transferred to European countries, and the first lottery ticket was sold to a man. The main purpose of lottery games is to eliminate people’s poverty and manage financial problems within the country. After these countries, the lottery was finally introduced to the United State.

Lottery Sambad Department regulates lottery in 2 different titles in the morning and evening. The prize money got in it also differs from day to day. The face value of lottery tickets is 6 Rs.

  • The first winner will be given: Rs 50 lakhs.
  • The second winner will get: 9000 rupees.
  • The third winner will be given: 500 rupees.
  • The prize money for the fourth winner will be: 250 rupees.
  • The fifth winner will get Rs: 120.
  • The consolidation prize is also kept which is: 9000 rupees

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How to play the Sambad game?

The sambad game consists of:

  • 54 cards to play,
  • Each card with a different image,
  • different number,
  • and the name of the card
  • A table or more for each player and
  • beans to mark (cover) the tables.
  • The tables have 16 images of the deck of cards, which are distributed in a 4 × 4 grid.

Objective of the Game lottery

The purpose of the lottery game is to be the 1st to obtain a particular template, placed at the beginning of the game. This is accomplished when the pictures that make up the template in the player’s play are chosen by the “screamer” and labeled with beans.
Traditional templates include:

  • Complete / blank table (all 16 images / dots)
  • Horizontal
  • line Vertical
  • line Diagonal line
  • Four corners
  • Four in the center

Lottery Sambad current popularity chart 

Lottery Sambad is a famous betting game in India. 2 years ago, the Supreme Court of India allowed all governments of the state to ban the sale of lottery tickets.

 Nowadays, only 13 Indian states allow lotteries. These are

  • Nagaland,
  • Kerala,
  • Maharashtra,
  • Goa,
  • West Bengal,
  • Madhya Pradesh,
  • Punjab,
  • Assam,
  • Arunachal Pradesh,
  • Meghalaya,
  • Manipur,
  • Sikkim and
  • Mizoram.

Sambad Lottery Important Facts

The following points are interesting facts for you to check the game:

  • It is important to get a ticket before playing the game, because you cannot participate in the game without a ticket. Three times a day.
  • Therefore, if you did not win in the first draw, then you have two chances here.
  • Last but not least, the lottery Samba Night is the last chance to draw a lottery every day, and is also known as the game of the lucky ones.
  • Most skilled payers can earn it. Thousands of people have become millionaires just by playing this lottery for many years. If they can do it, you can do it, you have to focus on the game.
  • This is the only lottery game in India, and the results can be obtained offline on the sambad newspaper and online on the Internet. This is a legal lottery system. Working in India for many years and generating a lot of income for the people and the government.
  • Sometimes very lucky people just choose a winning number at random to win the game and easily win the game.
  • Sambad Today lottery is available online, but I suggest you find one that has Reputable dealer and buy there.
  • The winning prize is as high as expected, and the number of prizes is also high, so every novice and experienced player has a sufficient chance to win the game.
  • The process of claiming the amount is also very simple, you must have a winning ticket to claim the prize.

Sambad Lottery Winning Tips

If you are new to this field and have no experience, please don’t worry, we will provide you with guidance here and provide you with the best skills to succeed in the game. Our tips are tested and let you know what you will get in the lottery game. Many of our visitors have already benefited from our game tips. Then why don’t you?

 1: Know the results of the Sambad lottery won in the past. The previous results are good because you are likely to win the game. Try to understand the system behind the lottery sambad. The game is based on the winning numbers. If you are smart enough to predict the numbers, then the next lottery draw is definitely yours.

 2: Don’t choose numbers without research and investigation is the most important factor in every lottery game. If you have enough knowledge and solid research, choose numbers wisely and effectively. Don’t choose numbers based on your birthday or any special event, these are just useful. According to the situation and game results, choose the number

 3: Do not follow the order some people follow the order of the numbers, such as 1 to 7 or their credit number, tray number, etc. This is the worst technique, and I personally recommend you not to follow this method. Try to create your own winning number strategy that is effective and provides you with the best lottery results.

 4: Start with a small game If you have little experience or limited experience with the Delar lottery sambad, I suggest you first put your energy and time into the small game. Don’t be greedy, try to gain some experience through the small winning lottery, our chances of winning are also high. Using these techniques to win will provide you with experience and will also motivate you to play big cards.

5: Get help from lottery experts Sambad lottery results have many experts, and we also have a team of experts. Get some advice from them, because the experts already have enough experience to guide you on the right path. If you want us to help you, please comment below or send your inquiry to us, we will definitely help you.

6: Try again. Maybe the first time, you may not succeed, but don’t give up, try again every time. In Lottery Sambad, thousands of people win the game every day, but you have to keep trying until you win. The test will give you confidence and you will understand the game correctly little by little. I believe you will succeed at some point.

Lottery Winning Prize Claim Process

Now, it’s finally time to receive the winning from the Sambad lottery department. Here are the simple but carefully reviewed steps we discuss here. You should follow the guide to win the prize without any problems.

  • Important things to consider when receiving a prize from the official game department. You must verify your details, such as an address, full name, and your signature on the back of the lottery ticket. Please be sure to indicate the date of the draw, your time, the name of the draw, and the winning number. Please fill in all important details in capital letters on the award form.
  • A copy of your PAN card (permanent account number) and your number are required to prove your identity. You have recently taken at least 3 passport-sized photos. You need an additional statement from a first-class immigration officer (required). Make a statement and detailed information, such as account number, account name, Bank branch code, etc. sheet. A cancellation check from the given bank is also required, in which your winning amount will be used as a deposit.
  • Now, if you have completed all of the above steps, it is time to complete the final award document card that requires a copy of the all form, PAN, and all original and working details. Do not use worn, torn or defaced lottery tickets to claim prizes, as this may lead to legal proceedings against you. So be careful!

Lottery Sambad Names

There are various types of lottery Sambad:

lottery Sambad west Bengal
lottery Sambad newspaper
lottery Sambad dear honor
lottery Sambad dear affectionate
lottery Sambad dear gentle
lottery Sambad dear fortune
lottery Sambad singam Tough
lottery Sambad singam Great
lottery Sambad singam Vigor
lottery Sambad singam Delight
lottery Sambad singam Energy
lottery Sambad bangla
lottery Sambad bengali
lottery Sambad bumper
lottery Sambad bangalakshmi lottery
lottery Sambad bangasree super
lottery Sambad bhutan
State Lottery
west bengal state lottery
lottery Sambad 2021
lottery Sambad banga bhumi super
lottery Sambad download 2021
lottery Sambad download old
lottery Sambad download night
lottery Sambad download night result
lottery Sambad download morning
lottery Sambad download live
lottery Sambad download rajshree
lottery Sambad download publications private limited
lottery Sambad download west bengal
lottery Sambad download dear
lottery Sambad download tarik
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