[Login] Emandi E anugya | #Emandi UP Application Status 2022

Emandi Portal has been started in the state of Uttar Pradesh by Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath. This portal has been created for the convenience of farmers and traders. With the help of the Emandi UP portal, the farmer can also sell grain and all things like these at the market. Any merchant of the state can apply for his E License on this portal.

Farmers can sell by knowing the prices of food grains and vegetables running in the state through the Emandi online portal. All information related to the market can be obtained through this portal. Farmers and traders have to provide more facilities through the Emandi Uttar Pradesh portal, which is the main objective of the state government.

  • Emandi Yojana is a scheme run by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  • To provide facilities to farmers and traders under this scheme, this e-mandi portal has been launched.
  • Through this e-mandi online portal, any trader can find the rate of mandi sitting at home, and big farmers can also be registered online in it.
  • Farmers can also sell their grains, vegetables, or other things through the portal by knowing the price.
  • The government aims to provide convenience to traders and farmers through this portal. Any trader of the state can also apply for his license through this e-mandi portal.
  • Market Committee of Uttar Pradesh can register online for wholesale traders to do business across the state.
  • In order to facilitate farmers and traders in Uttar Pradesh, the emandi.upsdc.gov.in portal was released by which any information related to the market can be easily obtained.
  • Now if any trader or farmer can get their e-license through the internet also through this portal and for which SBI can collect the fees prescribed by the collectorate.

Facilities offered to merchants from E Mandi Vyapar

Through the emandi portal, now traders will get a lot of facilities, the facilities available to traders are as follows:-

  1. Mandi Parishad Uttar Pradesh has started the facility of digital trade (e mandi) for traders.
  2. Traders can also get a license by applying online through the “e mandi” portal.
  3. Traders can easily enter their purchase horse by issuing online forms – 6,9. You will get rid of the hassle of getting a form book from the market.
  4. The online arrangement has also been made for the gate pass in “E Mandi”, so for this, the merchant should go to the gate pass option and get the gate pass.
  5. Various registers of merchants are created by e-mandi portals themselves, and there is freedom in maintaining registers.
  6. E-mandi provides the facility to work fast and easily from anywhere.
  7. In order to assist the traders, “Digital Business Facilitation Centers” have been set up in all the mandi committees.
  8. Traders can use the free computer and Internet through the “Digital Business Facilitation Center”.
  9. Unified license and e-mandi provide an opportunity to trade from more than one market.

Emandi UP

How to register for the Emandi UP portal online?

Step 1: Firstly trader will have to visit the portal “emandi up”  or emandi.upsdc.gov.in

Step 2: Emandi UP home page will open here, you will see the signup option.

Step 3: After clicking on the signup option, you will have to enter the information asked here.

Step 4: After entering all the information, enter the mobile number and enter the OTP that came on the mobile number here.

Step 5: The last one is to enter the Captcha code and click on the signup button.

emandi min

How to Login on emandi?

Step 1: Firstly visit the official website emandi.upsdc.gov.in.

Step 2: Emandi home page will open here, you will see the “login” option.

emandi login min 2

Step 3: After clicking on the “login” option, you will have to “enter the username and password and fill the captcha” asked here.

emandilogin min

Step 4: Click on the “login” button.

How to File Complaints on emandi?

Step 1: Firstly visit the official website emandi.upsdc.gov.in.

Step 2: Emandi home page will open here, here after login you will see the “feedback/complaint” option in the menu bar.

File Complaints on emandi min

Step 3: A New web tab will show up where you need to enter your valid mobile number, reason of complaint etc.

Step 4: Now fill the application form according to the asked details.

Step 5: Then, upload all supporting documentation of your complaint (if any) and fill the captcha.

Step 6: Now submit the complaint after recheck all  the details you entered in the form.

How to track the application status?

Step 1: To follow your “emandi application status”, applicant need to go to the official site.

Step 2: The landing page of the site will show up on the screen, from where you need to choose the “application status” which is accessible in the menubar.

Step 3: Click the “ application status ” option accessible in the menubar.

emandi application status min

Step 4: Another page shows up where you need to enter the given application number and fill the captcha.

Step 5: Click the see status option and your application status will show on the screen.

Documents required for e-mandi license

The following are the documents required for emandi license:

  1. Demand draft of Rs 100000 for wholesale license and Rs 1000 for licensed license
  2. 10 rupee stamp letter from the applicant verified by the notary
  3. Two rupee stamp letter verified by a notary
  4. Partnership deed in case of a partnership
  5. Copy of registration certificate and memorandum on being a company
  6. PAN card photocopy
  7. Aadhaar Card Photocopy
  8. Photocopy of electricity bill or house tax
  9. GST certificate of company and photocopy of tan.

Emandi MP

How to Login Emandi MP portal?

Step 1: The first step is to visit the portal “emandi”  or https://eanugya.mp.gov.in/

Step 2: Emandi home page will open in front of you, you have to click on मंडी लॉग इन option.

emandi login min
[Login] Emandi E anugya | #Emandi UP Application Status 2022 1

Step 3: After clicking on the मंडी लॉग इन option, you will have to enter the information asked here(User name, Password etc.).

emandi login min 1

How to apply for Merchant New License on the E mandi UP portal? Apply for an E license

Step 1: First of all, you have to go through  the official website https://emandi.upsdc.gov.in/  and then clicked here.

Step 2: Now E mandi home page will open. Here, you have to click on the “Merchant” option and then select the option to apply for “New License”.

emandi merchant new licence min

Step 3: A new page will open here, you will see a list of all the terms and conditions and read all these rules carefully.

Step 4: After that tick the check box at the bottom and click on the button to save.

Step 5: Now Emandi New license form will come in front of you, you will have to enter all the information asked in it.

Step 6: After this, the applicant has to upload his photo and signature.

Step 7: Upload the PDF of the required document for the license for which the applicant is applying.

Step 8: Then click on Preserve Form.

emandi merchant min

Step 9: Now you have to submit the application fee. For this, click on submit the application fee.

Step 10: After filling in the license, the applicant will get a reference number from the SBI.

Step 11: After getting the reference number, the applicant has to click on the status link of the application.In this, you have to fill in the reference number and license fee payment date and click on Protect.

after all this you can check the status of your application.After entering the information, you can complete this form by clicking on the submit button below.

Note: The process of this form will be done in 3 steps.

Form A:  Information of application

Form B:  Enclosure

Form C:  Fee Payment

Benefits of Emandi 2022

  • To reduce the problems of farmers, the facility of computer entry slip has been provided.
  • Merchants can also make their E License online through the emandi.upsdc.gov.in portal.
  • With the Emandi website, traders can easily enter their purchase horse by issuing online forms – 6,9. There will be no need to get the form book from the market.
  • In the state of Uttar Pradesh, “Digital Business Facilitation Centers” were also built in the Mandi Committees for the convenience of merchants.
  • With the help of the “Digital Business Facilitation Center”, the traders of the state can use the Internet and Computer for free.
  • A separate entry slip system has been prepared for marking the product to be brought from outside the state.

Highlights of Emandi Portal

Scheme  E mandi
Started by  Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
StateUttar Pradesh  
ObjectiveTo convey the right prices and information to farmers and traders.  
Beneficiaryfarmers and traders  
Application ProcessOnline  
Emandi websiteemandi.upsdc.gov.in

E mandi update

  • In order to further improve the facilities of Uttar Pradesh eMandi, some technical sub-gradations have been made, which means that users need to reverify and change the power through OTP.
  • The verification process will be done on user login. For any technical assistance, traders and farmers of the state can contact the respective mandi office.

Aim of Emandi

  • The purpose of market regulation is not to create inconvenience in business but to run it in the interest of the producer and the businessman and the consumer.
  • In the regulated market, special attention is given to the purity and cleanliness of the production, which not only makes it attractive but also gets more value, but also makes the market far-fetched.
  • In the market, it is a crime to take or impose aadhat, charitable, karda, mandi fee surplus weight or any other deduction from the seller.

Hope you will like this information regarding Emandi UPEmandi MP. If you still have a query, you can ask us in the comment section.