How To Write Work Experience Letter? | Experience Letter Format & Sample

The letter of experience is an official letter assigned to an employee by the employer of the company when he is relieved of services. The experience letter verifies the time spent by the employee in that company and his behavior during the work. The work experience certificate is a very relevant letter for those job seekers who are searching for new jobs, as it supports future employers in getting about the abilities of the applicant and checking the job-related information provided by him in the resume or cover letter.

When an employee leaves the organization then it is so essential to take a work experience letter. To get it, all employees necessitate writing a letter for an experience certificate. An experience certificate highlights the position and responsibilities of the employers in the company. It is important to know how to write a letter of experience, here we explain all the work letter details, experience letter format, and sample also.

Writing an Experience Certificate Tips

The work experience letter is a very important document, so the candidates must follow some important tips before writing a job experience certificate:

  • It is necessary to write the certificate of experience on the official letterhead of the company.
  • The experience work letter must present complete information about the employee
  • It provides the full details of the employee such as personal information, contact details, joining date, and date of resignation
  • The employer should notify the expertise and skills, communication experiences, quality of work, and conduct of the employee
  • It is good to address the experience letter as “To Whom It May Concern” since the reader of this letter is not known.
Experience Letter
Experience Letter
  • It is recommended to not write any negative information in the job experience certificate
  • Keep the letter formal and professional
  • Apply the standard formatting style while writing a job experience letter
  • Improve the experience letter for avoiding any punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes
  • It is advised to Keep the job letter brief and to the point,
  • Always avoid including unnecessary details
  • It is suggested to add relevant references and contact details at the end of the experience letter

Details Included in an experience certificate

An experience certificate is a written document that is provided to the employee on completion of his employment. It is good to ask for an experience certificate after leaving the company. Experience certificate contains information about your job assignment, your role, your designation, your salary, etc. It should define the time period for which you have worked in that company. Employee mentions these details which are included in an Experience letter.

  • Tenure of the employment period
  • Responsibilities
  • Dedication
  • Designation
  • Additional remarks
  • Nature of duty

Purpose of Experience Certificate

  • Describe the Role and responsibilities of the employee in company
  • A brief description about the employee
  • The experience letter verifies the time spent by the employee in that company and his behavior during the work
  • Experience certificate contains information about your job assignment, your role, your designation, your salary etc.
  • While applying for a new job, person can use this work letter to get job easily

Experience letter Format

The format of the work experience letter is very important to understand the format of the experience letter, because a good and correct letter will leave a good impression on the employer.

  • Name of the sender
  • Sender’s Address
  • Date on which it is issued
  • Receiver’s address
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter containing skills employer learned in his course of time
  • Warm Regards to sender
  • Closing Statement
  • Sender’s name
  • Designation of sender
  • Name of the firm

How to write experience certificate?

If you ask for an experience certificate from the company, you can contact the Human Resources Department and they will send you a copy. If they may need other documents for verification, you can also contact the relevant department. Tips for writing an application letter for your experience certificate

 • Know who to contact. Ideally, you should address someone in your human resources department or the head of your department.

• Be sincere to the organization but don’t overly flattery.

 • Be concise and clear in your letter. Don’t go around in circles.

 • Check for grammatical or punctuation errors before submitting.

 • Keep the letter formal.

• Avoid using emojis or abbreviations in letters.

• Clearly state the purpose of this letter.

Request for Experience Letter

The experience letter contains the following parameters:

  • The name of the organization preparing the letter must be mentioned at the top of the letter.
  • The publication date must appear in the upper right corner of the letter in the correct format.
  • The letter should include the employee’s name and contact information. The position of the employee must be mentioned with the name. It should also include the employees’ progress and knowledge during their service period. It can also include employee salaries.
  • The time the employee has worked in the organization should be mentioned. It helps to evaluate the skills of employees for other organizations.
  • A good concluding remark that benefits the employee is really beneficial to him because it increases his chances of being selected by another company. The company’s seal or employer’s signature is required after the closing statement.

Requesting Experience Certificate Sample

Here we provide a sample to write an experience letter, with the help of this sample experience letter you can easily write a professional experience letter:


(Name of the Manager and Position)


 (Company Name)

Subject: Request for Issue an Experience Certificate

Respected Sir,

I was working in the (Department name) as a Software Developer in your organization from (Mention Date). I worked here for 3 years. For some personal reasons, I had resigned. So I am requesting you to kindly issue an experience letter in my favor with regard to the work during the period of employment. I need the certificate as my personal record and to join a new company in the future.

I shall be very thankful if the experience letter is written for the work towards the growth of the organization. Also, please contain information on major responsibilities which afford on the project I have completed. I am enclosing all the documents and related to my supervisor and also submitted leave form as required to the employee policy.

Thanking you and waiting for your positive response at the earliest possible!

Yours Sincerely

(Name, Designation and Contact Details)

Work Experience Letter for Companies

Contact Details
Date: dd/mm/year

Dear employer,

This is to notify you that (name of the employee)  was posted as (Designation) of the department of a company from (Date and month). He had given (Number of years) of this organization.

He began as a (Designation) in our company (Company Name) and performed all his duties and responsibilities with good behavior. He is always willing to face challenges and in most of the services, he has given outstanding results. He is forever ready to learn new skills and also utilize them very immediately. On the basis of his achievements, he has been given a salary of Rs 70,000. His performance is very good and also gets appraisals from superior members of our company.

We wish him the best of luck.



(Company Name)

Experience Letter Format and Sample


To (Receiver name)

One of our excellent faculties and an outstanding English teacher of our school, Miss (Name) began working on (tenure). With (years of experience)  teaching experience, she quickly detects the interests of the learners and the way they simply learn the topic.

Being a master in her subject, she had developed some of the most useful methods in answering some of the hardest questions which her students find easy to do. She was taking a salary of (salary). She takes classes of students from the 9th Class to the students of the 12th Class. Our organization is honored to have a teacher like her among us.

We wish her the best of luck.



(Company Name)

Experience Letter Sample

Company Name



Name of the Employee




I am drafting this letter to bring you to the report that (Name of the Employee) was serving in our organization as a post of a (designation) from (tenure).

As a supervisor of the subject, he has always been an anecdote of a bright and skilled person. Some of his works are dedicated to balancing sheets, tax return preparation, and income and expense control. He has excellent experience in motivating customers as required. He has experience as an accountant in a number of subject business organizations. They paid him according to the salary schedule we provided to the accountant, which is 80,000 rupees. Working in our corporation, he has learned some of the best skills, such as management knowledge, Microsoft office optimization, and accounting reconciliation. He is a smart and hardworking person.

We wish best of luck


Name of the Employee

Managing Director



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