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Gem portal login: Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a one-stop platform to facilitate online procurement of Goods & Services required by various Government Departments / Organizations / PSUs. GeM portal motive to improve transparency, efficiency, and speed in public procurement. GEM Portal provides the tools of e-bidding, reverses e-auction, and demand aggregation to help the government users to achieve the best value for their money. Government GEM portal e-Marketplace (GeM) motive to change the way where Government organizations, Ministries and Departments, and PSU’s manage the procurement of goods as well as services.

GeM Portal

New features of the GeM Portal

GeM brings in Transparent Service

  • Eliminates human interface
  • Order Placement and Payment Processing
  • Open Platform
  • No entry barriers
  • Email and SMS notification service
  • Cashless digital payment service
  • Online Time-bound payment
  • The geM is facilitated through integration with PFMS and State Bank Multi Option System (SBMOPS)
  • Web-services integration is being extended to payment systems of Railways, Defence, major PSUs, and State Governments
  • Seamless processes and online time-bound payment
  • facilitated Timely Payment

GeM Enhance Efficiency

  • Direct Purchase on GeM Portal
  • Entire process online
  • end to end integrated and with online tools
  • The bid/RA can be created in a matter of minutes and finalized within a minimum of 7 days
  • new suppliers are also notified once they get themselves registered online on GeM
  • The reasonableness of the rates can also be confirmed through online comparison with market price on leading e-Commerce portals.

Gem is Secure & Safe

  • Secure Platform
  • The documents on GeM are e-Signed at various stages by the buyers and sellers
  • The antecedents of the suppliers are verified online and automatically through MCA21, Aadhar and PAN databases

Potential to support Make in India

  • On GeM, the filters for selecting goods which are Preferential Market Access (PMA) compliant and those manufactured by Small Scale Industries(SSI), enables the Government buyers to procure Make in India and SSI goods very easily.
  •  Easily accessible MIS also enables the administrators and policy makers to easily and effectively enforce the Government regulations on PMA and SSI sourcing.
  • After the launch of GeM it has been noticed that several leading computer manufacturers have placed PMA compliant products on GeM.

Savings to the Government

  • The transparency, efficiency and ease of use of the GeM portal has resulted in a substantial reduction in prices on GeM, in comparison to the tender, Rate Contract and direct purchase rates.
  •  The average prices on GeM are lower by atleast 15-20%, and in some cases even upto 56%.
  •  GeM is also doing Demand Aggregation for items that are to be procured by various Central/State Government Departments.
  • Demand Aggregation is expected to further drive the prices south, by way of standardization of specifications and economy of scale.
  • Demand aggregation for most of the common use goods and services is estimated to result in annual savings to the tune of Rs 40,000 Crore per annum.

GeM Portal Services

  • Advertisement Service
  • Annual Maintenance Contract For Networking Devices(AMC for Networking Devices)
  • Annual Maintenance Contract For Network Security Devices (AMC for Network Security Devices)
  • Annual Maintenance Service For Equipment And Systems
  • Annual Maintenance Service For HVAC Equipment
  • Annual Maintenance Service For ICT Products
  • Bandwidth Hiring Services
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • Cafeteria Services
  • CDN Service
  • Courier Service
  • Custom Bid For Services
  • Data And Voice Services
  • Electric Cabling Service
  • Event Management Service
  • Facilitation Centre Service
  • Facility Management Service
  • Goods And Transport Service
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hiring Of Special Purpose Machines And Vehicles
  • Housekeeping Services
  • International Logistics And Custom Clearance Service
  • Laundry Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Leasing Services
  • Manpower Resource Outsourcing Service
  • Market Survey Service
  • Meity Empanelled – Advanced Cloud Services
  • Meity Empanelled Basic Cloud Services
  • News Paper & Magazine Supply Service
  • Operation And Maintenance Services
  • Operation And Management Service Of Electrical Buses
  • Packaged Drinking Water Service
  • Payment Gateway Services
  • Photocopying Service
  • Piping Erection Service
  • Planting Service
  • Printing Press
  • Product Maintenance Service
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants And Catering
  • Scanning And Digitization Service
  • Supply, Printing And Personalization Of ATM-Cum-Debit Card With Starter Kit And Pin Mailer
  • Tentage Service
  • Training Services
  • Transportation Service
  • Vehicle Hiring Service
  • Vehicle Tracking Services
  • Vehicle Transport Service
  • Video Conferencing Service
  • Vocational Training Services

Gem Portal Advantages

Who is allowed to carry out transactions through the GeM portal?

Advantages for Gem Portal Buyers

  • Proper categorization of goods and services
  • Search for the products, compare the products, selection of products, all such services available on the portal
  • Users can avail the services at any time
  • Accomplish digital transaction
  • Cashless and paperless transactions
  • All the transparent services available on the portal
  • Proper rating system available
  • Monitor proper payment system
  • User friendly environment
  • Buyer friendly return policy available on the portal

Advantages for Gem Portal Sellers

  • Sellers get direct access to all Government authorities.
  • Marketing cost is minimal
  • The portal properly manages all the services
  • a one-stop solution as the seller needs not to do the works involved in marketing
  • Sellers can take bids or auctions on products and services on a single portal
  • Facility to suggest a New Product on the portal
  • Not fixed price, as it can be refreshed according to the current conditions of the market
  • Seller responsive dashboard for selling and monitoring the supplies and payments

GeM Portal Services for Seller

  • Gem registration Portal provide the service to sell their product to the government
  • To do business and sell products direct to the government
  • Product management service
  • Provide facility to create product catalog and portfolio
  • Brand Management
  • Bid Management Services
  • Marketing and Business Management
  • Direct access to all Government departments.
  • One stop shop for marketing with minimal efforts.
  • One stop shop for bids / reverse auction on products / services
  • New Product Suggestion facility available to Sellers
  • Dynamic pricing: Price can be changed based on market conditions
  • Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments
  • Consistent and uniform purchase procedures

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GeM portal Services for Buyers

  • Rich listing of products for individual categories of Goods/Services
  • Search, Compare, Select and Buy facility
  • Buying Goods and Services online
  • Transparent and ease of buying
  • A continuous vendor rating system
  • for Buying and monitoring supplies and payments User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy Return policy

Why to Buy on GeM Portal?

  • Provide transparency and ease of buying
  • Offers rich listing of products for individual category of goods/services
  • Direct purchase for amounts upto INR 25000
  • L1 purchase from amounts greater than INR 25000 and less than INR 5 Lakhs
  • Proprietary Article Certificate Bid- Procurement of specific product as per requirement
  • Price Trends and Price Comparison From Multiple Suppliers
  • Direct notifications to sellers
  • Integrated Payment System
  • Easy to comprehend interface to search, compare, select and buy
  • User friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies and payments
  • Online grievance redressal mechanism for quick resolution
  • Float bid among population of 3 lakhs sellers
  • Buyers can now select bid duration between 10 & 21 days.
  • Delivery period upto 180 days
  • Option to provide multiple consignee locations and quantity
  • Multiple consignee can be selected for Services
  • Pin-code based seller selection for Direct Purchase Mode
  • ATC library available for addition of terms and conditions
  • Additional Deductions can be applied by buyers at the time of bill generation
  • Notification to buyers regarding:
  • expiry of DP (Delivery Period) for the contract
  • Initiation of cancellation of contract in case of non-delivery by sellers
  • Buyer during technical evaluation can make a MSE seller eligible or ineligible for MSE purchase preference.
  • Now buyers get the option to cancel the Product contract(s) even if the invoice has been generated by seller provided 15 days have expired from delivery period.
  • 11 Banks have enabled GeM Pool Account
  • To improve fair participation in Bid / RA, GeM now ensures that at least 3 sellers have participated and offered products from at least 2 different OEMs.
GeM Buyer

Why to Sell on GeM Portal?

  • Access to National Public Procurement market
  • No charges or fee for getting registered
  • Special provisions and sections for startups, MSMEs, and Emporium products
  • Fully online, paperless, and contactless platform
  • A list of prerequisites for the seller registration has been made available so that it becomes a guide to the seller during registration
  • Brand application and brand approval process has been revamped for sellers
  • Multiple invoices for a single order
  • Easy access to participate in bids/reverse auction
  • The clock has been enabled in RA to display the remaining time for seller participation
  • Online grievance redressal mechanism for quick resolution
  • All sellers will be shown reasons for rejection
  • Seller friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies & payments
  • Business Cockpit has been enhanced with additional parameters in the existing report as well as new chart widgets based on OEM and MAIT recommendations
  • Seller belonging to North-East states and J & K are exempted from ITR at the time of bid participation
  • Dynamic Pricing- Price can be changed based on market conditions
  • Direct access to Government departments and their organizations.
GeM Seller

How to Register in GeM Portal?

For the registration on the GeM portal, users have to follow the below given procedure:

  • GeM Buyer Registration
  • GeM Seller Registration

Step 1: Visit the Official portal

Step 2: Click on the “Sign Up”, there are 2 options available, First is “Sign Up as Buyer” or “Sign Up as Seller

How to Fill GeM Buyer Registration Form?

Step 3: Read “Review Terms & Conditions” before sign up as a buyer, and tick on the “I Agree” box

GeM Buyer Registration

Step 4: Fill the Adhaar Card Number and valid Mobile Number which is linked with adhaar

Buyer registration GeM

Step 5: Fill the form and upload required documents

Step 6: This is the complete procedure to GeM Marketplace Registration

How to Fill GeM Seller Registration Form ?

Step 6: To create your organization seller account, first of all you have to read terms an conditions carefully

Step 7: Select “Business/ Organization Type” and enter “Business/Organization name” and click on Next button

seller registration form

Step 8: Verify your details by giving Aadhaar number or Personal PAN


Step 9: this is the complete process to Gem Seller Registration process

Step 10: You have to login to avail the services of GeM Portal as a seller.

Required Information Gem Seller Registration

The Required Information for GeM Portal Seller Registration are as follows:

  • Aadhaar Number
  • PAN,
  • Active Email id

Business/Organization Type:

  • Proprietorship
  • Firm
  • Company
  • Trust / Society / Association of persons
  • Government Entity
  • Date of Registration of your business
  • CIN (Company Information Number)
  • Income Tax Return Details
  • Complete Registered Office Address Details along
  • Alternate E-Mail Id
  • Contact Number
  • Billing Address with GSTIN Number
  • Bank Account Number and IFSC Code of Bank Account
  • Verify Key Person information as per ITR records.

Login Gem Portal: login

Step 1: Login in to Government e Marketplace GeM, user has to visit official portal

Step 2: Click on the “Login” Link

GeM Login

Step 3: Fill the Gem User Id

Step 4: Enter Captcha Verification code

Login GeM Portal

Step 5: Enter your Gem Password

Step 6: this is the complete procedure to login in to the gem portal to avail the services of GeM Government eMarketplace Dashboard

GeM Portal purchase options

  • Direct Purchase
  • Bidding
  • Reverse Auction

Direct Purchase

  • Select Product
  • Compare Product
  • If the amount is less than 50,000, then the select the product
  • Add to the cart


  • Bidding is used to decide the cost or value of a product or service
  • Bidding is a competitive offer to set the price of the product or Service
  • by an individual or business for or a demand that something is done

Reverse Auction

  • A reverse auction is the type of auction in which there is a role reversal of buyer and seller
  • In a reverse auction, the sellers compete with each other
  • obtain business from the buyer and
  • Prices will typically decrease as the sellers will bid lower than the other which is justified.

What is GeM Exclusive?

Startup Runway 2.0

  • Startup Runway 2.0 is an opportunity for Startups to showcase their innovative products and services to Government buyers and engage in public procurement.
  • GeM has created a dedicated marketplace category for all Startups to list their products and services, irrespective of their DPIIT-certification.
  • The platform offers Startups all the marketplace functionalities that are available to regular sellers and the objective is to spur “MAKE IN INDIA” procurement from India Startups.
  • Startups can list multiple products and services with minimal technical specifications
  • Sell their products to Govt buyers under 13 globally recognized Startup sub-sectors
    1.  Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics,
    2. Advertising
    3.  Agriculture
    4.  Artificial Intelligence
    5. Big Data and Analytics
    6. Augmented/ Virtual Reality
    7. Block chain
    8. Clean Tech/ Renewable
    9. Consumer Home Electronics
    10. Cyber security
    11. Education Tech
    12. Fintech,
    13. Health and Life Sciences
    14. WaterTech

MSME SC/ST entrepreneurs on GeM

  • GeM is collaborating with various stakeholders from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises [MSME]
  • Special focus on entrepreneurs from the Scheduled Caste/ Schedule Tribes [SC/ ST].
  • The partnership is based on the objective of achieving the mandatory procurement goal of 25 percent from MSMEs and a sub target procurement of 4 percent goods and services from MSME entrepreneurs within SC/ ST communities, by all government departments and public sector enterprises [PSE]
  • This initiative seeks to encourage active participation of MSE sector in public procurement.


  • Womaniya” initiative seeks to showcase products made by women entrepreneurs and women self-help groups [WSHGs], and spur Women entrepreneurship
  • Aligning them with opportunities to sell their products to various Government ministries, departments and institutions.
  • GeM has specially categorized products such as handicrafts and handloom, accessories, jute and coir products, bamboo products, organic foods, spices, home décor and office furnishings for ease-in-procurement.
  • Womaniya aligns with Government’s initiative of reserving 3 percent in public procurement from women MSME entrepreneurs and this offers immense potential for procurement.

The Saras Collection

  • Presenting”The SARAS Collection” a pristine handcrafted collection of handicrafts, handloom textiles, office décor, furnishings, accessories, event souvenirs, and personal hygiene and care products from top of the line SHGs in India.
  • Social inclusion is one of the core values at GeM and we are focused on ensuring participation of women entrepreneurs, self-help groups, artisans, weavers and micro entrepreneurs who face challenges in accessing government markets.

User Feedback service: Rate a Seller Service Provider

Step 1: Visit the official portal of government e-marketplace

Step 2: Fill the email id, whose domain registered in GEM Portal and request for “OTP

Rate a Seller

Step 3: Fill the user feedback form and send to the authority

View Contracts: Advanced search for Contracts and Bid/RA

To Advanced search for Contracts and Bid/RA user have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Gem Portal official website

Step 2: Your can Search by Purchase Type or “Search by Nature of Buyer Entities”

Search by Purchase Type

Step 3: Enter the search details like Search by Contract / BID / RA Number, choose category, Contract Date (From), Contract Date (To)

GeM search by purchase type

Step 4: Click on the “Search” button

Search by Nature of Buyer Entities

Step 5: Enter the details like name of the Buyer Entity, State, Ministry, Department, Organization, Contract from and Contract To

search by nature of buyer entities

Step 6: Click on “Search” button

Check GeM Seller Details

To know the details about the GeM Seller, go to the gem official website and enter the GeM Seller ID and click on the “Submit” button. All the detailed information about the seller appears on the screen.

check seller details

GeM Bids RA Check Online: Ongoing Bids

Step 1: Go to the Gem Website

Step 2: Select the option from listed options:

  • Bids/RAs
  • Service bids/RAs
  • Bunch Bids/RAs
  • Service Bunch Bids/RAs
  • Bid to RAs

Step 3: Check the Bid Number

GeM Bids

Step 4: Check Items, Department, and Quantity

Step 5: Select Start date and End Date

Step 6: Submit the Bid Form into GeM Portal

Check GeM Bids/RA Online

To check GeM Bids/RA Online, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Go to official website of GeM portal

Step 2: Using Seriel Number, search for Bid

Step 3: Check status of Bid Online

Step 4: Filter the search criteria by Bid or RAs

Step 5: Using “Item name”, you can also check the GeM Bid or RA Online.

Gem Heldpdesk details

Answers For People

What is PAC in GeM?

Proprietary Article Certificate (PAC)

What is RA in Government e MarketPlace (GeM) Portal?

Reverse Auction

How do I register for GEM Portal?

users can register on the portal from the official website, in this article we provide the complete procedure of registration

Payment Process on GEM Portal?

Follow the steps for payment on gem portal :
Dashboard -> Bills -> Process Bill -> choose bill and fill the details then submit the payment form

What is OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Hope you will like this information regarding gem registration, gem login. If you still have a query, you can ask us in comment section. You can also bookmark our site for latest updates.

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