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Gumasta License was introduced with taking care of the employees/ worker’s privileges and another establishment in the jurisdiction. It is important to apply for Gumasta while setting up a shop, hotel, or some other business place. It also assists with directing the improvement of workers, for example, in which condition they work, installment leads, and give most extreme advantages to the employees.

Online Registration for Shop And Establishment should contain the following details like name of the employer and supervisor, name of the foundation, nature of business, number of employees, and such different subtleties as might be prescribed. The Facilitator will issue to the employer of such Shop foundation a receipt of suggestion in such form and way as might be endorsed. Each state has its own Shop and Establishment Act.

In this manner, the shop and establishment license varies from one state to another. The overall arrangements of this Shop and Establishment Act across all states stay as before. In any case, the entrepreneur needs to acquire the permit under the Shops and Establishment Act of the state in which he carries on business.

What is shop license?

  • Gumasta License is an enlistment for working together in the territory of Maharashtra.
  • And which is administered by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act.
  • This License will give you the power to do your business at a specific spot.
  •  The Labor Department is liable for making all enrollments under this law.
  • It is the fundamental necessity for any business to be perceived by the Government or Bank for all business independent of whether it is done by a single person or large association.
  •  It is not possible to acquire GST registration in Maharashtra without having Gumasta License.
  • However, it is necessary to register under this act within 30 days of beginning the business.
  • The validity of this Gumasta Certificate is just for five years.
  •  In any case, it must be renewed after the expiry of five years.
  • A renewal application can be presented every year at least 30 days before the date of expiry of the enlistment certificate for renewal of license.

Categories under the Gumasta license

All associations that can be recorded under any of the definitions or classes are given underneath are governed under this requirement, and any organization with at least 10 workers will fundamentally need to get this permit within 60 days. The classifications of the establishment are:

  • The Premises from where the services are given to the customers
  • The Retail shops
  • The Wholesale shops
  • The Residential hotels
  • The Restaurants and eateries
  • Any public amusement park or theatre, or entertainment zone
  • Any Store-rooms or warehouses, and godowns

Advantages of applying for Gumasta License

  • You can benefit from every one of the benefits and tax subsidies from the Maharashtra State government accessible for this plan once you register for Gumasta License.
  • It’s anything but proof of legal entity that gives you the option to direct business in Maharashtra State.
  • Each business requires a business bank account to collect cash from the customers. A large portion of the banks demand the Gumasta License as a proof of identity to start a business bank account.
  • gumasta registration sets up trust with customers.

Gumasta License Features

  • The permit is given under Section 6 (1) of the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, 2017.
  • The permit is compulsory for any business in Maharashtra, and once got, makes one qualified for different TAX appropriations given by the public authority of Maharashtra.
  • Most appropriately today, one can’t acquire their GST enlistment in Maharashtra without the Gumasta License.
  • There is no registration expense charged for the Gumasta license
  • The permit fills in as evidence that a foundation is a recognized legal entity.
  • The permit/ license fills in as a proof of personality for banks.
  • One should enlist for this permit within 60 days of the beginning of a business.
  • This permit is valid for a time of 1 to 5 years (as appropriate), after which the licensee would have to renew it, and could be extended as long as 10 years (as pertinent).
  • For Gumasta permit renewal, one should apply 30 days before the date of expiry of the permit

Necessary documents needed for the Gumasta License

Documents requirements are different for different states in the case of shop establishment certificates or shop registration certificate as every state has a different registration process. Here are some necessary documents that must be bringing while applying for the Gumasta License and find the answer to the query “What documents do I need to open a shop?”

  • Name of the Business or shop
  • Complete address of the business and employer.
  • Name of the employer
  • Mention the type/ nature of the business like boutique, bakery etc.
  • Mention the location of the business
  • Must have a photo ID proof of the occupier/employer such as Aadhar Card, voter ID, or passport.
  • Must have a copy of PAN card of the employer or occupier
  • Any address proof of business such as utility bills like electricity or telephone, or rent deed/agreement etc.
  • The applicant must have to show the category of Establishment, like shop, theater, restaurant etc.

Gumasta License Application Online

The government has made a separate online portal for making Gumasta. Due to which people do not have to stand in long queues of Municipal Corporation. You can also get it registered online, which will save both your money and time.

Follow the steps to obtain the Gumasta License online:

Step 1: You will first be on the official website of your state. After that, you create an account there, after which you will be logged in to that portal.

Step 2: After that, you have to read all its Terms and Condition there properly.

Step 3: When you proceed, you will see a form there. You have to fill that form carefully.

Step 4: After this, you have to put the photos of all your documents there.

Step 5: After this, it will ask you for money based on the number of people working in your shop. You transfer that much money to him.

When the application is submitted, the application status will view as “under scrutiny” it means your application is with an Officer for processing. If the application is processed and approved, the status approved will show up and you would be able to download the documents. If the application is rejected, you have to check the reason for rejection and reupload or reapply with the correct details.

The steps to download your Shop Act License Certificate or Gumasta license

Step 1: First of all, visit the official link

Step 2: After this, you have to enter your Username and Password.

Step 3: Now, from the left menu panel of the website you have to click on the Home.

Step 4: After that, you have to check your application status, if your application is done then go to step 5 otherwise you need to re-apply.

Step 5: Now, you have to click on the Download Certificate button and then your Shop Act License Certificate downloading will be started.

Gumasta License Fees

The gumasta license charges are as follows:

  • If no one else works in your shop other than you, then you have to pay a fee of Rs 100 for this.
  • If 1-3 people work in your shop, then you have to pay 150 rupees for this.
  • If 3 to 10 people work here, then you have to pay 200 rupees.
  • If you have more than 10 people working then you have to pay 250 rupees. If you register it after February 28, then you have to pay 500 rupees in it.
  • If your license is old and it is about to expire, then you can get it renewed for Life Time because the Government of India has now started giving Gumasta license for Life Time.

Gumasta License Renewal Online

To get the Gumasta license renewed, you will have to go back to your state’s Gumasta website. You log in your ID there. After which you will get an option to renew your license there. After which you will click on there, then you will have to pay back money for it. If you have increased or decreased the number of people in your shop, then you have to correct accordingly and proceed. After this, your Gumasta will be made.

Disadvantages of not taking Gumasta license

If you do not take a Gumasta license then you may have to face many problems like you can also go to jail or you can also be fined. Which can range from 10,000 to 2,00,000. Due to this, you may have to face financial problems. If you do not get a license then you may have to close your business.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can get a Gumasta license made for yourself and run your business without legal action.

Hope you will like this information regarding Gumasta License. If you still have a query, you can ask us in the comment section. You can also bookmark our site sarkariiyojana.in for the latest updates.

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