Independence day speech in English: Short Speech for Students on 75th Independence Day

Independence day speech: As we all know Independence Day is the national festival of India celebrated on the 15th August and we celebrate it with great enthusiasm and patriotism. This year we are celebrating our 75th Independence Day. On this day we honour the memory of the great warriors and freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to make India an independent nation.

As India’s 75th Independence Day is approaching and students are often asked by teachers to prepare speeches for the auspicious day. If you are the one who is looking for ideas to come up with an impressive speech then you are on the right page. Here readers will find various speech patterns that will help them win the hearts of their audience. Along with the speech, we have also shared some important tips and formats to attract the audience.

India Independence Day Speech

With high enthusiasm and gaiety, we all have gathered here on this auspicious day, to celebrate the 75th Independence Day of our country. In the past, in 1947, it was on Independence Day that India gained its independence from the United Kingdom and freed itself from the shackles of colonialism. With India’s independence, the Indian Independence Act 1947 came into force, and India suffered its division into the Dominion of India, now known as the Republic of India, and the Dominion of Pakistan, now known as the Islamic Republic goes of Pakistan. Even the legislative sovereignty was transferred to the Constituent Assembly of India.

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With such diligence and atrocities, India fought for its independence for almost a decade. Let us all remember and pay tribute to all those who have gone through such difficult times. Today our mind is fearless and our head is high in the sky. As we breathe freely, each and every breath of us holds a high importance in our heart as we know that such generation is the creation of all freedom fighters.

Just think of the flashbacks and times when mothers sacrificed their sons, where blood was engraved on the country’s battlefields, where people sacrificed their families, where daughters lost their fathers, Where wives were ruthlessly widowed, and where men could not hold. is head was held high, where people were forced to become slaves of the British, where the people of India were treated as untouchables. Let us all hold hands together and bow before all the heroes who fought valiantly to gift a generation full of freedom.

The injustice and violence that India faced during the British rule, India never thought of giving up.

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The difference between India and all other countries, which makes India a very unique place to live, is fighting violence with the help of non-violence. Our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, who was the supreme person who took forward the nationalist movement, inspired us to walk on the path of truth and non-violence.

The Khadi men of India, who once brought together the seraphic ideologies of people’s swaraj in satyagraha, have created an era of International Day of Nonviolence. Not only did we are free ourselves from Britishers, but we also rejuvenated our nation and brought India back with a revolution. Our leader, and his priceless struggle to free India from the shackles of injustice, has been an inspiration to all of us as a symbol of courage and bravery.

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The values ​​and practices that India has in its ancient culture are an example for all of us.

Today as we turn and flashback our journey to 75 years of our independence, our hearts fill with pride and honor because we were so strongly united that we have covered such a long distance in solidarity.Despite having such a huge population and democracy, India itself was so vibrant and so united, due to which India had put itself in such a position that the whole universe sees India as a place where there is unity.With such diversity exists.

India is known as a melting pot of cultures and traditions and the people of India themselves share a common commonality that protects humanity. Even during the pandemic, the people of India had to hold hands together to take preventive measures and save the country from such menace. Together, we have been vaccinated and today, India stands in a safer place as it has overcome these difficult times with a slew of measures.

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India is now an independent nation. As the Preamble of the Indian Constitution describes itself as a sovereign, secular and democratic country, it is our responsibility as youth in our country to uphold the pillars of virtue.The momentous epic of how India fought for itself and managed to regain its honor from the shackles of colonial rule and finally declared itself a democratic place, has been a saga for all its citizens. We pay homage to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their peaceful lives to provide us with a harmonious life.

Independence Day is the festival of independence. On this day a huge function is organized at Rajpath, where the program begins with the unfurling of the Indian Tricolor by our Honorable Prime Minister. This is followed by the national anthem and 21 cannon firing to pay tribute to the country and its flag. The national anthem is played and flowers are showered from helicopters. A march past show is held and militants from all forces parade. In schools, programs are organized by the students and flag hoisting is also done.

Justice, Liberty, Unity, Equality and Fraternity… Let us weave a better future and decorate it with high hopes, growth and positivity.

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