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Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) की थीम हैमातृ शक्ति-राष्ट्र शक्ति“। PMMVY सप्ताह के दौरान गर्भवती महिलाओं को कोविड टीकाकरण के प्रति विशेष तौर पर जागरूक करने की भी योजना है। आइये जानते है क्या है यह योजना और इसका लाभ कोन और कैसे ले सकता है:

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

PMMVY scheme is a maternity benefit program administered by the Health and Social Welfare Dept. of the Indian Government under which a cash amount of Rs. 5,000 is granted to pregnant women and lactating women. The beneficiaries would receive the incentive given under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY). All eligible Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers who have their pregnancy on or after 01/01/2017 can get this benefit for the first child in the family. 

It is implemented under the supervision of the Anganwadi Center Services Scheme of Umbrella ICDS under the Women and Child Development Ministry. This Shall be implemented through a web-based MIS software application. Most of the web-based government schemes are implemented through MIS Software.

Madhya Pradesh state has been ranked 1st in the country in the implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana and For this, the award goes to the Minister of Women and Child Development Minister, Smriti Irani.


Latest News 2022: All Pregnant Women and Lactating Mother (PW&LM), those who are not in employment with the Central Government or State Government or Public Sector Undertaking are suitable to claim advantages for a first living child of the family under the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana. Under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY), pregnant women undergoing institutional delivery are suitable for the benefit. A result of 1,83,12,303 pregnant women avails an advantage under the PMMVY scheme from 2018-19 till January.

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Latest Update Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana 2022

Now you will get 5000 rupees even on the birth of second child

Under the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, now 5000 rupees will be available even on the birth of second child. While expanding one of its plans, the Central Government has given a new good news for the general public. The central government has decided to encourage daughters. Under which the government has decided to give the benefit of the scheme to women even if they have a second child under the Prime Minister Matru Vandana Yojana ie PMMVY. Actually, let us tell you that under this scheme, assistance is given to pregnant women in the family, in which women get Rs 5000. Now that the central government has changed the rules of this scheme, now a woman who is pregnant or lactating again is eligible to get the aid amount once more. Yes, but the condition of this plan is that the second child should also be a daughter. This rule will be applied from 1st April 2022.

Highlights of pmmvy cas Yojana 2022

MinistryMinistry of Women and Child Development
Date of Commencement1st January, 2017
ObjectiveFinancial support is provided to Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers to meet nutritional needs and compensate for wage loss
Amount PaidBank Account or Post Officer Account
FundingCentral Sponsored Scheme under which the cost-sharing ratio is between the central, the states and the Union Territories with Legislature ratio is 60:40. For North-Eastern states & 3 Himalayan states, it is 90:10. 100% central assistance for union territories.
BeneficiariesPregnant women and lactating mothers of 19 years of age and above can get benefits for the first baby birth.
Excluding BeneficiariesThose in regular employment with the central government or state government or public sector undertaking or those who are in receipt of similar benefits under any law for the time being in force.
BenefitsCash incentives of Rs. 5000/- in 3 installments on fulfilling the following conditions: Registration of pregnancy, Anti-natal check-up, registration of the birth of the child, and completion of 1st cycle of vaccination for the 1st child.
Ranked 1st to Implement pmmvy YojanaMadhya Pradesh
Ranked 2nd to Implement pmmvy YojanaAndhra Pradesh
Ranked 3rd to Implement pmmvy YojanaRajasthan

Benefits of Pregnancy Aid Scheme 2022

The major benefits of pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana are as follows:

  • During the birth of 1st child, provide incentives to the PM Scheme for malnourished Mothers, Pregnant Women Lactating Mothers (PW&LM).
  • The amount will be send to the bank account or the post office account through Direct Benefit Transfer DBT in this Pregnant Women Scheme.
  • Fair Maternity Benefits  in 3 installment, at the time of pregnancy, after 6 month check up, after child’s birth
  • The incentives given under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) and the incentives would be accounted towards Maternity Benefits so that on an average a beneficiary gets Rs. 6000/-

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When to get First Installment of PMMVY 2022?

Cash Incentive of Rs. 1000/- on registration at the Anganwadi center (AWC) or government-approved health center.

When to get Second installment of PMMVY 2022?

The second installment of Rs. 2000/after 6 months of pregnancy at least one Ante-natal check-up (ANC) or pre-birth of child check-up.

When to get Third Installment PMMVY 2022?

After the child’s birth registration and including 1st vaccination BCG, OPV, DPT and Hepatitis-B the incentive will be Rs. 2000/-

Main Conditions for Maternity Benefit Programme 2022

  • The central government, state government and any public sector undertaking employees are not eligible to avail this facility.
  • Those who are in receipt of similar benefits under any law for the time being in force.

What Is Pradhanmantri Matru Vandana Yojana?

Undernutrition is a very big problem in women in India, every third woman in India is undernourished and every other woman is suffering from anemia. anemia is a condition in which the HB level of blood is below 12 grams per DL in women. This is due to a lack of iron deficiencies.

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana is implemented all over India in accordance with the provision of the National Food Security Act, 2013.

If after 6 months someone got a miscarriage or an accident happens with pregnant women, then these benefits will be given to the woman on the second child.  But unfortunately, if infant mortality happens then in this case the woman does not get benefit from in a second child.

The Beneficiaries can check their status using the official portal.

PM Matru Vandana Yojana PMMVY Scheme.

Shadi Anudan Yojana

Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana IGMSY

Earlier we had Indira Gandhi Maternity Support Scheme, Which came in 2010, but only in 53 districts. In this Indira Gandhi Maternal Cooperation Scheme IGMSY, women used to get Rs 6000 as maternity benefit, so that they do not lack money. This scheme merged into National Food Security Act 2013. It comes under the Mother Care Sector and this Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana IGMSY was launched by former Prime Minister Shri. Manmohan Singh.

Difference between Indira Gandhi Maternity Support Scheme and pmmvy cas

The main difference between Indira Gandhi Maternity Support Scheme and pmmvy cas are

Indira Gandhi Maternity Support SchemePradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana
Introduced in 2010Introduced in 2017
Launched By Former PM Shri Manmohan SinghLaunched By Shri Narendra Modi
Implemented in 53 districtsIn all over the country
Incentive: Rs. 6000/-Incentive: Rs. 5000/-
Scheme for 2 living birthOnly for the first child

Anganwadi Services Scheme

Anganwadi Services Scheme which is a universal scheme is available for all Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers including the second child.

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Services provided in PMMVY-CAS

The Major Services provided in Pradhan Mantri matru vandana yojana are

  • A number of Interventions are provided to the pregnant women.
  • Universal screening of pregnant women for anaemia and Iron and Folic Acid (IFA)
  • Calcium supplementation
  • Deworming in pregnancy
  • Weight gain monitoring
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Family planning
  • Prevention of diseases to all the pregnant women.

Application Procedure for Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

Pradhan Mantri matru vandana yojana registration is done within 730 days from the last date of her Menstual Cycle.

How to Apply Offline for PMMVY-CAS Scheme?

To apply offline for PMMVY-CAS Scheme follow these steps:

  • Firstly visit the nearby Anganwadi center (AWC) or any government approved health center and register to avail the benefits of PMMVY-CAS Software.
  • Within 150 days, the registration must be done in pmmvy-cas.nic.in.
  • Required Documents are Application form 1A  which is obtained from AWC or Health center free of cost, Mother and Child Protection (MCP) card copy, Identity Proof like Aadhar card, Bank Account passbook or Post office Passbook.
  • The Second Installment can be claimed 180 days of Pregnancy.
  • Second installment can claim by filling the Form 1B along with MCP card copy, and Antenatal check up (ANC) slip, and acknowledgement slip of Form 1A.
  • For 3rd installment the beneficiary filled up Form 1C and the copy of required documents are child birth registration, ID proof and MCP card.
  • Acknowledgement slip of Form 1A and Form 1B
  • Show the proof of vaccination BCG, OPV, DPT and Hepatitis-B

Download Form 1A, Form 1B, Form 1C for Pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana

Form 1A

Form 1B

Form 1C

How to apply Online for pradhan mantri vaya vandana yojana in pmmvy-cas?

Pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana apply online procedure

  • Visit the official website pmmvy-cas.nic.in
  • Log in using scheme facilitator’s (AWC/ health center) login details.
  • You can take help for filling the form, from User Manual link.
  • Click on New Beneficiary and fill the form 1A
  • Now you can avail the benefit of this central govt. scheme, and get the first installment.
  • For second installment again log in the official website.
  • Click on second installment and fill the Form 1B.
  • After the childbirth and after the vaccination, again login in pmmvy cas software application for third installment and fill the Form 1C.

Toll-free number

Pmmvy cas helpline Number: 011- 23382393


In case of Miscarriage or still birth, Can a woman apply?

Yes, a beneficiary would be eligible to apply for PMMVY.

In the case of Infant Mortality what happens?

In the case of Infant Mortality, a beneficiary would not be eligible for claiming PMMVY benefits.

How many Antenatal checkups needs to avail the second installment?

After 6 months. At least one ANC is required for claiming the second installment.

A beneficiary undergoing ANC and delivery in private hospital avail the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana?

If the report is certified by the government hospital can avail of the benefit of PMMVY. MCP Card details are mandatory for claiming benefits of the scheme.

What are the eligibility conditions to apply for PMMVY Scheme?

The beneficiary can apply within 730 days from the LMP date or 460 days from the date of childbirth.

How many levels can a dashboard be viewed?

Its dashboard is available in three sections: National, State and District level.

Which reports are available under the scheme dashboard?

List of reports under the PMMVY Scheme:
Withdrawal Report
Correction Queue Report
Payment Report
 Approval Queue Report
 Withdrawal Queue Report
Second Installment Due Report
Third Installment Due Report
 Payment Reports

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