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The State and Central Government of India, both are imposed an expense on vehicles called Road tax. At times, the tax is also payable to neighborhood bodies. Each vehicle/automobile owner is required to pay road tax to the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO), either yearly or they can pay as a one-time installment. Both business and private vehicle proprietors need to pay road tax based on factors like engine capacity/ motor limit, vehicle type, seating limit, cost of the vehicle, the heaviness of the vehicle, and so on.

UP Tax Online and why is it paid?

Road tax also includes toll tax, which is gathered by vehicles going on a specific stretch of the concerned state/national highway. Road tax is levied by the public authority to accommodate the expense of development, construction, and maintenance of roads. Paying road tax empowers the public authority to develop and maintain a better network of roadways. This, in turn, converts into better transportation facilities for residents. Road tax is also used by the government to give security and crisis clinical/ emergency medical facilities. The amount and kinds of road tax, however, varies from one state to another.

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  • Road tax is a tax that you pay to use/ utilize your vehicle on Indian roads.
  • Roads associate urban areas/ cities and places together and for a better drive, the Government spends money on the construction and development/ maintenance of roadways.
  • Money is additionally spent on providing riders, with wellbeing/ safety services and emergency services if they suffer from an accident.
  • Road signs, road lights, footpaths/ pathways, etc. require money for construction and development and support which is spent by the Government to build up the framework of the country.
UP Road Tax
  • These expenses done by the Government are then recovered from residents when they use the roads to drive their vehicles.
  • This recovery is completed in the form of road tax. Thus, every motor vehicle which is bought in India needs to cover/ pay a road tax or a Motor Vehicles Tax with the goal that it can be driven on Indian roads.
  • The income/ revenue that the Government collects through road tax is utilized to expand roadways, maintain existing ones and upgrade them as and when required.
  • Along these lines, up tax online is an important tax for keeping up the foundation of the country

UP road tax

UP Tax Online is determined based on the kind of vehicle. Whether it is a two-wheeler/ bike or a four-wheeler and the reason for which the vehicle will be utilized. Commercial vehicles need to pay different UP road taxes as compared to vehicles being used for individual use. Section 3 of the Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1962, commands that all vehicles will pay UP road tax for the first time during enrollment. During the process of registration, UP road tax is added to the ex-showroom price of vehicles. Following this, the vehicles are additionally needed to pay different kinds of road taxes according to the current rules.

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UP Tax Online

All commercial vehicles entering the state of UP need to pay other state vehicle tax, which is a kind of road tax imposed on commercial vehicles. This tax is generally for the most part payable at the check posts situated on the state boundaries. The transport department of UP along with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has given for paying UP road tax online, at the transport department’s website to smooth out the installment of this road tax. Here, commercial vehicles can make nonstop payments through internet banking. When the payment for UP road tax online is made, the commercial vehicle is given with a receipt, which can be created at the checkpoint. Officials at the concerned checkpoint use the electronic interface to check the installments made for UP Tax Online.

  • On the UP transport department’s website, with the introduction of the facility to pay road tax online, you can pay the essential tax before beginning your journey.
  • Keep in mind, all vehicles on commercial trips or with a brief license can pay the UP road tax online, and save themselves from the long lines at the RTO workplace.
  • Along with the payment of the required UP road tax, in the case of a commercial vehicle, you need to have possessed documents like a valid driving license, registration certificate, Pollution Under Control certificate, permit, and fitness endorsement.

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Steps for UP Tax Online Checkpost

Step 1: The first step is, by going through the website https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/checkpost/.

Step 2: After that, on the home screen of the Parivahan Website from the “Payment” menu select the “Tax Payment” option.

up road tax

Step 3: Now, select the state from the “Select State” drop-down menu like UP, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Hyrayan, Delhi, and Others where you want to go.

up road tax online

Step 4: Then, from the “Service Name” drop-down list choose the service name. Service Name “VEHICLE TAX COLLECTION NCR“(National Capital Region) or Second Option “VEHICLE TAX COLLECTION” (OTHER STATE).

Step 5: After this, to open the Vehicle details form click on the “Go” button.

up road tax

Step 6: Fill “Vehicle Number” and hit the “Get Details” button to Autofill the information and Read All instructions Carefully.

Step 7: Then, fill in the remaining fields which are not filled automatically you should fill the remaining fields carefully.

If the fields are not filled automatically then enter the information manually on your computer.

Step 8: After that, calculate the tax according to state notification by clicking the “Calculate Tax” button.

Step 9: Then, to pay the calculated tax click on the “Pay Tax” option.

 Step 10: It appears the payment gateway of VAHAN.

Step 11: Select the payment gateway and click on the “Continue“, and then to Pay Tax follow the screen.

Step 12: After that, the bank will redirect to the ‘Checkpost application’ when tax is paid.

Step 13: Once your transaction is ‘Success Payment‘ it will show the successful receipt, and if your transaction is ‘Fail‘, it will show the failure message. After that, you can again initiate the Payment.

Step 14: At the last step, print/ download the receipt.

Two-wheeler up online tax in Uttar Pradesh

Two-wheeler specificationsUP road tax
The Weightless than 90.72 kgRs 150
The Price of the vehicle is up to Rs. 0.20 Lakh2% of the vehicle’s value
The Price of the vehicle is between Rs. 0.20 Lakh and Rs 0.60 Lakhs4% of the vehicle’s value
The Price of the vehicle is between Rs. 0.60 Lakh and Rs. 2 Lakhs6% of the vehicle’s value
Vehicle price more than Rs. 2 Lakhs8% of the vehicle’s value
UP Road Tax

UP online tax for four-wheelers/cars

Value of the car/four-wheelerUP road tax
Up to Rs. 6 Lakhs3% of the vehicle’s value
From Rs. 6 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs6% of the vehicle’s value
From Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Lakhs8% of the vehicle’s value
More than Rs. 20 Lakhs9% of the vehicle’s value
UP Road Tax

UP Transport Vehicle Tax

Loading capacity of the commercial vehicleUP transport vehicle tax
Less than 1 tonRs. 665
Between 1 ton and less than 2 tonRs. 946
Between 2 ton and less than 4 tonRs. 1,430
Between 4 ton and less than 6 tonRs. 1,915
Between 6 ton and less than 8 tonRs. 2,375
Between 8 ton and less than 9 tonRs. 2,865
Between 9 ton and less than 10 tonRs. 3,320
More than 10 tonRs. 3,320 along with separate UP transportation vehicle tax for each subsequent ton
Each ton more than 10 tonRs. 470

Some details about UP Tax Online – Vahan Tax

Sarathi Parivahan Checkpost section is planned to be a typical stage from where different checkpost administrations are given to Indian locals, as and when they are made by the workplace. These administrations are being initiated for the online checkpoint payment of tax of any vehicles for the bike or four-wheeler Vahan. The owners of these vehicles can sign on the website which is https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/checkpost to the entry from any web get to parivahan.gov.in Road tax and store to Checkpost Online payment their due Road taxes through net banking or Debit Card office.

  • This framework will save time for them the burden of genuinely/ physically going to any vehicle office, while the office will most likely gather their Checkpost taxes in a cashless System and reliable way.
  •  At the point when the customer signs on to the framework and provides the necessary information about the vehicle Details, the Parivahan Website figures and shows the road tax amount payable by the candidate.
  • If the customer recognizes making the installment, the gateway diverts him to the choose bank or treasury site that point makes the installment from his ledger through secure Internet Banking.
  • At the point when the trade is done, the item makes a point-by-point receipt, which can be printed by the customer for his records.
  • For checking the validity of receipt, the vehicle division authorities will likely cross-check the installment details by signing on to the portal using this electronic programming.
  • They can similarly see/print various reports which will be made for authorities of the vehicle office.

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