Introduction about Google Search: How Google was created, how to create a Google account?

Introduction about Google Search: Google was formally founded on 27 September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It really began as a research project. Then the two of them were students at Stanford University. These students said that We have named our framework Google, since It’s a common spelling for 10100 or googol, and it accommodates our objective of building a huge scale search engine.

These two understudies made a web search engine that used links to determine the significance of individual pages on the World Wide Web. From that point forward, Google Search has been the best option for people all around the world as a search engine. As of now, Google works in excess of 100 languages around the world. As per the organization, Google Search answers several trillion search queries.

Introduction about Google Search
Introduction about Google Search: How Google was created, how to create a Google account? 1

Services/Products of Google :

As we all know, Google is a Multinational Company, alongside Search engines, it has some other efficiency like Internet Analytics, and also offers the support and services of Cloud Computing. Such as, you use Google Drive, a promoting service, an application that you download from the Play Store, it has its own program called Chrome, and its own Operating System (Android), through every one of these Google makes its pay.

  • Search engine :
  • Google provides billions of web pages to allow users to search for the information they desire through the use of keywords. According to market research, since November 2009, Google Search is the dominant search engine in the United States market. In May 2017, Google enabled a new Personal Tab in Google Search, letting users search for content in their Google accounts’ various services, including email messages from Gmail and Google Photos.
  • Google launched its News service in 2002, an automated service that summarizes news articles from various websites. Google Search also hosts Google Books a service that searches the text found in books in its database and shows limited previews or the full book where allowed.
  • Google has added several features in recent years. Such options include Flights, Shopping, and Finance.
  • Advertising :
  • Google generates most of its revenues from advertising. This includes sales of apps, purchases made in-app, digital content products on Google and YouTube, Android, and licensing and service fees.
  • Google advertisements can be placed on third-party websites in a two-part program. Google ads allow advertisers to display their advertisements in the Google content network, through a cost-per-click scheme. The sister service, Google AdSense, allows website owners to display these advertisements on their website and earn money every time ads are clicked
  • Internet services:
  • In February 2010, Google announced its Google Fiber project, with experimental plans to build an ultra-high-speed broadband network for 50,000 customers in one or more American cities. It was moved to Alphabet’s Access division.
  • In April 2015, Google announce its Project Fi a mobile virtual network operator, that combines Wi-Fi and cellular networks from different telecommunication providers in an effort to enable seamless connectivity and fast Internet signal.

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Other Google products and services:

  • Android- The most widely used operating system for smartphones.
  • Gmail- Free online e-mail service with over 1 GB of storage and the best spam protection available in this.
  • Google Assistant- Digital assistant service by Google that uses artificial intelligence to respond to voice requests of users.
  • Google Duo- A cross-platform video calling application for smartphones, and other Google and third-party operating systems.
  • Google LensAn image recognition technology that identifies objects and displays information about them using Google Search.
  • Google Meet App- A video-meeting application that integrates with Google Chat.
  • Google News- It provides information about the day-to-day incident to its users in just one click.
  • Google Play Music- A service that allows users to stream, download, and upload music to a personal library, and create and listen to radio stations. It is usable across multiple devices. Additionally, Google Play Music unlimited song streaming for a monthly fee.
  • Google Sheets- A fantastic free solution from Google that lets you create spreadsheets, open MS Excel spreadsheets, and share your spreadsheets with other users that have Internet access.
  •  Gpay- A payment service developed by Google that allows people to send and receive money from other people. It makes payment easy and secure.

The online process to create a Google Account on Google :

  • The first step is, that you will have to visit the link
  • After this, you have to click on the ‘sign in’ tab which is available in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Now, you need to click on the ‘Create Account‘ option.
  • Now, the signup form will open on the screen, in which you will have to enter some necessary information such as your name, date of birth, etc.
  • Then, you will have to click on the Review Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy checkbox and then click on the the ‘Next Step’ tab.
  • After this, Create Your Profile page will be opened and if you want to add a photo to your profile, click on Add Photo if you don’t want to set a profile photo then click on the ‘Next step’ tab.
  • After this, your Google account will be created and the Google Welcome page will show on your screen.

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The online process to Create an EMAIL ID on Google

  • The first step is that you will have to click on the ‘Create Your Google Account’ link.
  • After this, you are required to enter your full name.
  • Then, you have to create your username and then set a unique password.
  • After that, you will have to enter a valid mobile number and enter the alternative email, and enter the date of birth and select your gender.
  • Now, you will have to allow Privacy and Terms.
  • After this, your email id will be created and you can use your email id.

Accessing Google Drive:

  • Once you’ve set up your Google account, you can access Google Drive by going to in your web browser.
  • You can also navigate to Google Drive from any Google page (such as Gmail or Google search) by selecting the grid icon near the top-right corner, then clicking Drive.

The Google Drive interface:

  • Your Google Drive may be empty right now, but as you begin to upload and create files you’ll need to know how to viewmanage, and organize them in the Google Drive interface.
  • Click the button in the interactive below to become familiar with the Google Drive interface.

Google Drive for mobile devices:

  • It is available for both IOA and Android the Google Drive mobile app allows you to view and upload files to Google Drive using your mobile device.
  • Google Search also has separate mobile apps for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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Google Drive for desktop:

  • If you prefer to work on the desktop, you can download the Googl Drive Desktop App to your computer. Available for Windows and OS X, this app makes it a bit easier to upload your existing files and work offline. Once it’s installed, you’ll see a new Google Drive folder on your computer. Any files you move into this folder will automatically be uploaded to your Google Drive.

How to change password in google

  • First of all click on your profile in Google Search in the top right corner.
  • Then click on Manage your google accpunt.
  • Then click on Secirity option in the google account.
  • There yo will find out the password section at the bottom of the page.
  • It will show when you last change ypur password.After click on that, a page opens as:
  • Then you have to click on forget password.
  • It will display a new page asking about account recovery.
  • Click on the through which you want to recover it.
  • Once you click on continue, it will ask you to conform your screen lock and then a new page opens asking you to enter your new password.

When did Google Search was formally founded?

Google was formally founded on 27 September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

From where can i use all services of the google?

From its web portal that is

How many gmail id’s can be made from one moblie number?


How many google accounts can be created by one single number?

There is no such limit on that.