Latest Teacher School Job Vacancy: एक महीने के भीतर भरी जाएंगी 3000+ Teacher Posts, जानें डिटेल

Latest Teacher School Job Vacancy: Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat said that furniture would be provided to more than one lakh students from government primary to secondary schools within six months. An amount of about 24 crores will be spent on this. Recruitment of more than 2650 primary teachers and about 2500 posts of LT and lecturer will be done within one to two months. Education Minister Dr. Rawat said to the media on Thursday, that special emphasis is being laid on the availability of resources in government schools.

Latest Teacher School Job Vacancy

Teachers will not have to deal with the shortage of funds for library and sports along with meeting the requirement such as chalk-duster. For chalk-duster, 10 thousand rupees will be given on the strength of up to 30 students, 25 thousand rupees for 30 to 100 students, 75 thousand rupees for 101 to 200 students, and one lakh rupees to the schools with up to 1000 students.

Library Fund

Similarly, for libraries, Rs 5000 will be provided to primary school, Rs 10 thousand to upper primary school, Rs 15 thousand to high school, and Rs 20 thousand to inter-college. The libraries will have 80% books by the National Book Trust and 20% by local authors. A departmental committee will be constituted for the selection of local writers. Schools will not be short of funds for sports events.

Urgent School Principal Jobs

The education minister said that in the recruitment process of primary teachers, the option of appointment at more than one place is being abolished. You will get only one option. Vacant posts of teachers will be filled this month. Instructions have been given to complete the recruitment on 1400 posts of LT soon. Through the State Public Service Commission, 550 vacant posts for lecturers and 600 posts for promotion will be filled by 31 May. The policy is being decided to fill up 950 vacant posts of Principals. 50% of posts will be filled by promotion and 50% of posts will be filled by departmental examination. This proposal will be brought to the cabinet soon.

School teacher jobs: 2400 posts of class IV

In the education department approx 2400 posts of fourth class employees will be filled soon. 52 vacant posts of Block Education Officers, 45 of Sub-Divisional Education Officers, 23 of Deputy Director, 3 of Joint Director, and two vacant posts of Additional Director will be filled by a promotion this month. Class IV posts in the Education Department will be revived and filled through outsources. Instructions have been given to fill up 2400 vacancies of Swachhak, Paricharak soon. 800 vacant posts of clerks will be filled soon. The shortage of teachers will be eliminated in the Atal Adarsh ​​Vidyalayas.

Deployment of education officers in districts within a month

The Education Minister said that the vacant posts of District Education Officer along with Chief Education Officer will be filled in all the districts within a month. A District Education Officer will be posted in smaller districts. Rules are being prepared for the DIET, Navodaya Vidyalaya, SCERT, and CMAT. Vocational education will be started in 500 secondary schools. The curriculum is being prepared under the National Policy on Education. The new policy in the education system will be implemented from this session. Seminars will be held with teachers doing good work.

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