NASA Internship 2023: Send Resume (CV), Apply Online, Selection List

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA Internship) NASA is providing fellowship programs for candidates who want to work with NASA. There are various scholarship As well as Fellowship programs that are designed for various fields of Technology. All the selected fellows will get paid to work with NASA. so if you are interested in getting a chance with the NASA thiruva fellowship program. Then you are in the right place. We will describe to you some Fellowship programs which are provided by NASA. So read our article and get each and every piece of information regarding this program.

NASA Internship

NASA Summer Internship Program 2023

NASA is a space research center that conducts various types of research in the field of Technology and space. NASA is calling undergraduate applicants to apply for internships with them. Candidates can apply for this internship. This internship can be applied every year during all three fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Students will get the opportunity to do research on various subjects in this internship. Such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, business, Marketing, Communication, etc. Thus every year around 400 interns are given a chance to work by NASA. You are paid your allowance on a weekly basis while working this internship

Benefits of NASA Internships 

  • NASA conducts various types of internships in which you get many types of benefits.
  • Working in this internship not only gives you the experience of working with NASA but also gives you a new platform to work in the future.
  • Students get a chance to learn by doing and get a chance to work in the field of research.
  • It provides an opportunity for students to earn while studying.
  • You can work here part-time or fulltime according to your time and requirement.

List of NASA Internships

We are giving you the list of internships conducted by NASA below. You will have to work for at least 16 weeks in these internships. You can apply for any one of the following internship programs as per your qualification and field of work:

  • Year-Round Internship Program
  • Maximizing Student Potential in STEM
  • Summer Internship Program
  • JPL Visiting Student Research Program
  • JPL Faculty Research Program
  • Academic part-time internship (APX)
  • Co-op internship (Co-op)
  • Summer internship (SUM)
  • Education Office Internships

Here you will get a chance to work in fields like engineering, computer science, information technology, HR, administration, legislation, and aerospace.

Eligibility criteria for internships in NASA

  • Applicants must be over 16 years of age and must be US citizens although some scholarships are open to nonUS citizens as per Internship.
  • Applicants must have interned with NASA for at least 640 hours.
  • Students pursuing graduation and post-graduation in regular mode from recognized institutes can apply for various internship projects at NASA.
  • Apart from this, there are special eligibility criteria for some special internships, about which you will find on the official website of NASA.

Procedure to apply for NASA internship

The process to apply for Nasa internships is online. We are discussing it in detail in the point below.

  • First of all, visit the official website of NASA.
  • After that, you will reach a new dashboard where you have to register yourself with your email ID.
NASA internship
  • After successful registration, you can log in with your user id and password.
  • Now feel the online application form for an internship at NASA.
  • After filling in all the relevant information in the online form, you can submit it by clicking on the submit button.

In this way, your application will be submitted for an internship at NASA. Now you have to go through the next process of selection. We are telling you the process of selection in the next section.

NASA Internship Selection Procedure

Once your form is submitted online, it will be inspected by the department staff. If they find your application correct, then it will be accepted for the next step, otherwise, it will be canceled from here. In the next stage of selection, you will be invited for an interview, in which you will be asked about your personal information and your interests.

After passing the interview, you will be sent to the next stage where you will have to work on a NASA project. In this way, by completing various procedures, you will be selected for an internship at NASA. You must know English well to work at NASA. Although you do not need to pass any other international test for English, your behavior in the interview will give the employee an idea of your grip on English.

Who can apply for an internship at NASA?

 American and non-American candidates can apply for internships at NASA. 

What is the last date to apply for a NASA internship?

NASA accepts applications for internships throughout the year. You can apply for this internship along with your semester.

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