PUBG New State Early Access Download Link

PUBG New State Early Access Download Link: The follow-up to one of the most recognizable battle royale games in the video game business and a true standard for Android gaming, PUBG Mobile, is PUBG New State. The game promises to maintain the original’s spirit while introducing a new location, more game options, settings with increased involvement, and improved graphics. To put it briefly, it will be a complete sequel.

In PUBG New York, the setting is the first thing you’ll notice has changed. The game brings you to the year 2051, a time when the earth is on the verge of collapse and many groups are battling for resources. This new setting is significant for the story and will have an immediate impact on you while you’re on the battlefield.

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PUBG New State Early Access Download Link 1

PUBG New State Early Access Download Link

Testing3rd Alpha Test
DownloadAPK + OBB
APK & OBB SourcePlay Store, Tap, Apkpure, Apple Store, Uptodown
Size1.2 GB
PublisherKRAFTON, Inc.
Supports         5.0 & Up

Release Date for PUBG New State:

It is obvious that this is a battle royale game, just as in Pubg and BGMI. A combat between 100 players will take place in this as well, and the individual who survives until the very end will win. Some significant changes will also be seen when envisioning the world of the future. Of course, new weaponry and tactics like dodging, drone calls, and so forth will also be deployed. Pubg New State is anticipated to receive more high-quality visuals than Pubg or BGMI. Global Illumination Technology, which has not yet been employed in the graphics of the mobile game, will reportedly be used in the game, according to official sources.

Process for PUBG New State:

Beta, download You will receive a permanent “Limited Vehicle Skin” as a bonus along with the beta edition of the game when you pre-register.

For Android

  • Enter PUBG New State in the search field of the Google Play Store.
  • PUBG New State is the first game to appear on the screen after you tap it.
  • You will see a “Pre-Register Now” button there, and as soon as you hit it, you will be registered there.
  • You will get a notification for this after the release.

For IOS users

  • Search for “PUBG New State” in the search field of the Apple Play Store.
  • As soon as you tap it, it will start to open up on the screen.
  • To download, click the button now.
  • You may see the release date and pre-order information.

PUBG New state – Playing Rules:

The regulations are the same as those in Pubg Mobile if you are currently a player. One hundred real-time players will arrive on the 8 km by 8 km map Tori, where they will engage in combat, defend themselves from attackers, and attempt to survive until the very end while staying out of the red and blue zones.

Using the high-tech tools provided in the game, you can defend yourself. The use of contemporary, high-tech weapons that you may also customize will enable you to defeat or kill your adversaries. The game will be won by the last person standing, who will also be crowned Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

PUBG New State Facts:

Play with futuristic technology: Players can use futuristic technology such as drones, ballistic shields, high-tech weapons, etc., utilizing which they can improve their odds of surviving.

Various combat options: This PUBG New York game adds a number of combat styles as well as more movement choices. so that gamers can effectively use them to battle and vanquish their foes.

Open World Game: Just like in PUBG Mobile and other PUBG games, players can play on an 8 km by 8 km map. Players can employ a variety of vehicles to navigate themselves and their colleagues, according to the information published by the Google Play store.

Non-Chinese: For Indian players like us, this is the most important truth. South Korean video game developer Krafton Inc. created and produced PUBG New States. Thus, there is a good likelihood that it will be made available in India.

Premium Graphics: PUBG New State offers top-notch graphics, as evidenced by its official trailer. If the gadget is capable, it offers ultra-realistic graphics on which a user can play at a maximum frame rate of 90 to 120 fps. The graphics in PUBG New State raise the bar for mobile game graphics.

How to get coins in PUBG: New State?

By completing the challenges that will be present during the games, you can earn money in PUBG: New Eden. You will need to make the most of your arsenal of weaponry, which you accumulate as you complete levels, to accomplish this.


How can I get Android access to PUBG: New State?

Download PUBG: New State for Android from Uptodown. The game’s most recent update as well as earlier iterations are both available here, allowing you to download the APK that most interests you.

In PUBG: New State, how do I enable lean?

It’s easy to enable the lean in PUBG: New State. You simply need to turn on the tap key in the action button option if you want the learning scope in the game.

How can the shoulder be removed in PUBG: New State?

In PUBG: New state, you only need to deactivate the automated shoulder weapon tab in the combat buttons section to remove the shoulder. To shoot more accurately, you can do this by modifying the character’s movements to suit your purposes.