Violent Night 2 Released Date, Netflix, Story, Star Cast

A sequel to Violent Knight is in development with the same creative team that brought the original to life with great success back in December. Starring David Harbor (Stranger Things, Hellboy) as cinema’s most badass version of the Santa Clause, the holiday action flick follows Saint Nick as he works to save a family that has been taken hostage. The film was well received by moviegoers, proving to be a box office hit and fueling speculation that a sequel announcement is imminent.

Violent Night
Violent Night 2 Released Date, Netflix, Story, Star Cast 1

Violent Night

Universal Film plans to release it in the United States on December 2, 2022. On Christmas Eve, a group of mercenaries attacks the estate of a wealthy family, and Santa has to save Christmas. Since the release of new violent movies is getting more and more popular, it’s important to know when these movies will come out. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and the real date could be a few days earlier or later.

About Violent Night Movie

Something about a scary movie at night just makes your heart beat faster. And since new movies are coming out soon, it’s time to get ready for some bloody fun.

In the 2022 American Christmas action-comedy movie Violent Night, David Harbour plays Santa Claus. He fights mercenaries who have taken a wealthy family’s home hostage and are holding them there. It was written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller and directed by Tommy Wirkola. John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Leah Brady, and Beverly D’Angelo are also in the movie.

It’s Christmas Eve, and a group of the best mercenaries has broken into a wealthy family’s estate. When Leah Brady, the family’s youngest daughter, makes an unusual Christmas wish, Santa Claus comes to the rescue. The action movie The Violent Night is coming out soon. Tommy Wirkola is directing it, and Pat Casey and Josh Miller wrote the script.

The main plot of Violent Night is an attack on a wealthy family on Christmas Eve. A dirty Santa Claus is called in to save the day.  Before letting their kids watch “Violent Night,” parents thought long and hard about it.

Review of violent night 

The Violent Night age rating and the Violent Night Parents Guide are important for parents to know. The age rating and parents’ guide tell you what the movie is about so you can decide if Violent Night is right for your kids or not. In 1903, in a short film called “The Great Train Robbery,” violence was first shown in a movie. It was also one of the first movies to have some kind of violence in it.

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Violent Night Released Date

Release Date2 December 2022
GenreAction, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Duration1h 52min
WriterPatrick Casey, Pat Casey, Josh Miller
CastDavid Harbour, John Leguizamo, Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, Beverly D’Angelo, Leah Brady, André Eriksen
DirectorTommy Wirkola
MusicDominic Lewis

More relevant information

Streaming PartnerNetflix
Article Categoryentertainment
StarringDavid Harbour John Leguizamo Beverly D’Angelo Alex Hassell Alexis Louder Edi Patterson Cam Gigandet Andre Eriksen
Production87 North Productions

Violent Night Storyline

Most Christmas movies get a “pass” when it comes to being bad. People go to see this movie because they want to enjoy the scenery, the holiday vibes, and the easy-to-follow plot. Violent Night was advertised as a Christmas action movie in which Santa (David Harbour) must save a group of rich people from a hostage situation in their own house. What seemed like a fun Christmas movie for adults turned out to be one of the worst movies of 2022. Violent Night wasn’t even funny. Even if it’s an action movie, a Christmas movie’s only job is to entertain.

That’s a bad sign for the movie. It went on way too long and was all over the place in terms of pace. It had at least three different ways to end, and then it kept going with more boring scenes. This wasn’t because they were all bad people (though they were), but because I was supposed to care about them when all they did was lie, steal, and betray their own families. Tommy Wirkola is in charge of the movie Violent Night, which is an action comedy. Pat Casey and Josh Miller wrote the script and the dialogue. Cam Gigandet, Edi Patterson, and many others play supporting roles in the movie.

Characters of violent night

The main characters are played by David Harbour, Beverly D’Angelo, and John Leguizamo. Jim Page cut the movie, and Matthew Weston was in charge of the camera work. This movie’s background music was written by Dominic Lewis. Guy Danella, David Leitch, and Kelly McCormick made the movie Violent Night under the name 87North Productions. Universal Pictures sent it to a small number of theatres.  The plot of Violent Night is like that of an action-comedy movie. On Christmas Eve, a wealthy person is taken hostage, but when Santa Claus shows up, things get complicated. Violent Night is about a legend about Santa Claus on a Christmas night that isn’t very happy.

When Santa is on his way to give kids their gifts, he runs into a group of bad guys.  They wouldn’t let him go, even though he just wants to be left alone. The next thing that happens is a series of amazing fight scenes between Santa and the bad guys.


Will the movie come out in Hindi?

No, it won’t happen. Only English will be able to be read in Violent Night. Universal Pictures is in charge of selling the movie in India. It looks like they won’t dub it in local languages because it didn’t get much attention in the area. Even though David Harbour’s role as Jim Hopper is very popular there, maybe it will bring some people to the theatres here.

When will you be able to stream it?

There is no official word on which OTT service will be available. But since Universal Pictures is putting it out all over the world, it’s likely to end up on Peacock in the USA.

Violent Night Released Date

There is no official word on which date the OTT service will be available.

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