IGRS AP: Search Encumbrance Certificate (EC) at registration.ap.gov.in

IGRS AP AP Stamps and Registration: The Government of Andhra Pradesh has improved the stamp duty on the registration of property compelling from the eleventh of August. In order to amend the market value, the Andhra Pradesh Government has framed boards of trustees under a joint authority for each district. The classifications were separated based on a Municipal Corporation/Municipality, Major Gram Panchayat, and Small Gram Panchayat. The market value for the farming areas is determined in sections of land and residential properties in square yards. Property registration is mandatory in India according to the Indian Registration Act, 1908.

Registration and Stamps Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh preserve age-old records and gives something very similar to the court as evidence whenever point any question arises.

Document registration serves as a notification to the general population through recorded details with the goal that they can verify the records and assemble data identified with the right, title, and commitments on any immovable property.

  • The department also collects revenue through stamp duty, registration fees, and transfer duty, and is viewed as the third-biggest revenue-earning department in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The transfer of property is to be enlisted to get the rights of the property on the execution date of the deed.
  • And accordingly, the House Registration Charges in Andhra Pradesh will be imposed.

IGRS AP Services

On the official website of Andhra Pradesh IGRS, the following services will be available:

  • Check the registration details online
  • Search for EC of property
  • Stamp and Duty Fee information
  • Verify the Encumbrance Certificate Online
  • Search for Certificate

The following documents are required for AP Stamps and Registration

  • The passport-size photo of the property buyer and seller.
  • The photo identification card such as Voter Card, Aadhar Card, passports, etc.
  • The verified copy of the original sale deed.
  • A copy of the latest property register card is to be obtained from the City Survey Department.
  • The copy of the Municipal Tax bill.
  • The Stamp Duty in Andhra Pradesh
  • The stamp obligation is the percentage of the transaction value levied by the state government, on each enrolled deal.

Benefits of IGRS AP Property Registration

  • Registration of property helps for the appropriate account of reports which gives more authenticity.
  • To guarantee the prevention of fraud, protection of proof, and the exchange of title to the proprietor.
  • By enrolling property, the report will keep/ maintain an up-to-date public record.

How to Search Encumbrance Certificate?

Follow the given below steps to search for EC:

Step 1: Visit the official website of IGRSAP state’s registration & stamps department

Step 2: Select the “services” option and click on the “Encumbrance Search

Search Encumbrance Certificate

Step 3: Read the instructions carefully and click on “Search for Encumbrance certificate

Step 4: Three options will be displayed: (1) year of registration field (b) Document number or Memo number (c) none

Step 5: Fill the captcha verification code and hit the submit button to search for encumbrance

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How to Download IGRS AP Encumbrance Certificate Online?

Follow the procedure step by step to download EC online:

Step 1: Go to the official website of IGRS Andhra Pradesh

Step 2: Select the “New initiative section” and select “Online EC

Download IGRS AP Encumbrance Certificate

Step 3: Fill the details such as district, SRO, Document type, Registration year, and fill captcha verification code

Step 4: Download the Encumbrance certificate online and take a print out of it

How to apply for the encumbrance certificate Andhra Pradesh IGRS?

Applicants need to follow the given below process to apply for the encumbrance certificate:

How to apply for AP EC through the MEESEVA Portal?

Step 1: open the meeseva portal

Step 2: Submit an application form and along with this attach the required documents

Step 3: pay the applicable application fee

Step 4: The application check the application and the updates SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number after the complete procedure

How to apply for AP Encumbrance Certificate through the IGRS AP Portal?

Step 1: Inspect the official website of the IGRS AP

Step 2: Click on the “Online EC” option

applyec min

Step 3: Now fill the registration form details such as personal information, Mobile number, email id, Aadhar details, etc

regec min

Step 4: Now, the applicant will receive the login details via registered mobile number

How to login for Encumbrance certificate online?

Step 1: Now login with user name and password, an OTP will received to the mobile

Step 2: Click on the “Online Services” and select “Encumbrance Certificate

Step 3:  Enter the details document number, SRO name or code, etc

loginec min

Step 4: The property details will be displayed on the screen and click on the “Proceed” button

Step 5: There are two options available on the screen: (1) Signed EC and (b) Unsigned EC

Step 6: Select the “Unsigned Encumbrance Certificate” and download EC

Step 7: Print the Encumbrance Certificate

Get a Certified copy online on igrs ap gov in?

Step 1: Inspect the AP IGRS ECCCOnline official portal

Step 2: Fill details such as district, SRO, document number, registration year

Get a Certified copy

Step 3: Fill the captcha code and click on “Submit” button to see the details online

Step 4: Now you will get the certified copy

Verify Encumbrance certificate online

Step 1: Go to the official website of the IGRS Andhra Pradesh

Step 2: On the ‘Services’ and select the ‘Verify EC’

Verify Encumbrance certificate

Step 3: Now fill the department transaction ID

Encumbrance certificate verify

Step 4: Click on the Submit button and verify the EC online

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How to check registration details on IGRS AP Portal?

Step 1: Go to the IGRSAP official website

Step 2: On the “Services” tab, Click on ‘List of Transactions’ to continue to service

List of Transactions

Step 3: Here you can see the details of Document number, layout plots and Apartments

Registration details of Document numbe

Step 4: In case of “Registration details of Document number”, enter the details such as district, document number, registration year and all other information

Step 5: In case “Registration details of Apartment” fill the data such as flat number, apartment name and house number

Registration details of Apartment

Step 6: In case of “Registration details of Layouts plots”, fill the details district, mandal, plot, survey number, etc.

Registration details of Layouts plots

Step 7: Click on the submit button to see the registration details

Integrated Property wise Transaction details

Step 1: Go to the official website of AndhraPradeshIGRS

Step 2: Click on the link “Integrated Property wise Transaction details” under the EODB section

Integrated Property wise Transaction details

Step 3: Now the 2 options visible on the screen- (a) Rural Properties and (b) Urban Properties

Step 4: Now click one of the given options and check out the Property wise transaction details online

AP Stamps and Registration Stamp Duty

  • Stamp Duty is collected during the transfer of property starting with one individual then onto the next.
  • The state government collects/ gathers the sum and is represented under the Indian Stamp Act 1922.
  • The State government gathers stamp obligations, and it varies starting from one state to another state.
  • The installment of stamp duty includes stamp duty, transfer duty fee, and Andhra Pradesh land enrollment charges. It is determined the available worth of the property.

AP Stamps and Registration Payment Process

  • If you are thinking about purchasing a property, then registration of the new property is compulsory. Also, you need to pay stamps and registration charges in Andhra Pradesh state.
  • With the Andhra Pradesh Registration and payment of charges, you will become the owner of your property legally. This document helps in any future unexpected property questions.
  • You must have a duplicate copy of your sale or transfer deed in the Sub-Registrar’s office. It will help for the situation on the off chance that you lose your original documents.
  • Payment of Stamp duty, and so on should be through a different challan for each document.
  • Normally a challan can be utilized only for four months just from the date of payment.
  • However, in cases of postponement with good reasons, the Sub Registrar may engage the challan for as long as one year, and if the delay exceeds one-year permission of the District Registrar is required.
  • In case the transaction is failed, a claim for a refund of the amounts paid through challan must be liked inside a quarter of a year from the date of payment, which might be permitted after deducting 10% in the duty paid.
  • The deduction will be 20% regard to the cases made following three months yet before the expiry of four months. There will be no refund allowed if claimed after four months.
  • Correct preparation of challans demonstrating SRO code, Account Number, Amounts against important sections in figures and the aggregate sum in words, and so forth, will be guaranteed by the gatherings concerned.

Types of AP Stamps and Registration Charges

  • The Sale Deed
  • The Gift Deed
  • The Exchange Deed
  • The Partition Deed
  • The Lease Deed where the period of lease is more than 12 months.
  • The Transfer Deed
  • The Mortgage Deed
  • The Power of Attorney (General or Special)

Calculation of the AP Stamps and Registration Charges on the basis of following features

Property location:  A property situated in a metropolitan region draws in more stamp duty as compared to rural areas.

Property type: Lower stamp duty is charged for residential property such as flat or apartment as compared to business property such as industries or commercial complex or hotels.

Age of the property: Another property has more stamp duty than older/resale properties.

Gender of buyers: A female purchaser can get a discount on the stamp duty charges.

Age of buyer: A senior resident can likewise get a discount on the stamp duty charges.

Calculate the Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

The AP Stamps and Registration charges are calculated by using the following formula:

  • Where the property value is higher than Ready Reckoner Rate or Actual Transaction Value.
  • Ready Reckoner Rate/Circle Rate means, it is the base worth of the property that is fixed by the state government. And, stamp duty is determined as the higher ready reckoner rate or actual transaction value.
  • Numerous property transactions in India occur by the market rate in a specific region.
  • The stamp duty and registration fees are paid by the purchaser are determined from the market rate. In rare cases, where the RRR is higher, the stamps and registration charges in Andhra Pradesh will be determined on the RR rate.

How to Register a Property in Andhra Pradesh Online?

The following PropertyRegistrationProcedure show how to register a property in Andhra Pradesh.

Step 1: The first step is to go to the official website’s link of Andhra Pradesh Government.

Step 2: After that, on the home page of the portal you are required to click on the “Prepare Your Own Document”.

Register a Property

Step 3: Then, you have to enter the Aadhaar number of the seller to fetch the complete details of the seller based on the number provided.

prepare2 min

Step 4: After that, you are required to click on the “Save and continue” button to proceed further.

Step 5: Now, you have to enter the Aadhaar Number of the buyer, to fetch the details of the buyer based on the number provided.

Step 6: After that, you are required to select the “Continue” button to proceed further.

 Step 7: Then, the user has to choose the presenter and the person who is preparing the document.

Step 8: Now, you are required to enter total consideration value and details of Local body type, Registration District and Sub Register Office location.

Step 9: After this, you just have to provide details by clicking on the “Add Schedule of the Property to be registered”.

Step 10: Now, after providing details, you have to choose the “Add Payment Details”.

Step 11: Then, you will be required to choose the mode of payment and then you will have to hit on the “Save Payment Details” option.

Step 12: After that, you have to enter the complete details of Sub Register Office for property registration.

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Calculation of Market Value and Registration Charges

Step 13: The Market value and registration charged will be calculated according to the information which is provided in the above steps.

Step 14: The applicant must have to choose the “Mode of Payment” to make payment online.

Step 15: After that, Add enclosure details and then the applicant have to click on the “Save and Continue” option.

Witness Details

Step 16: After that, the applicant must have to enter the Aadhaar number of two witnesses and the details will be fetched according to the Aadhaar number provided.

Step 17: At last, the applicant have to click on the “Submit” button to submit the application form.

Generate Slot Booking Slip-AP Stamps and Registration

Step 18: Now, the Slot booking slip will be created after entering the details.

Step 19: After that, the document of sale deed with an application number and barcode will be displayed on the screen and then it can be printed.

Step 20: Then, the applicant will be required to submit the printed document to the Sub Registrar Office on the given date and time of the booked slot for biometrics and e-KYC.

After that, the receipt of the registered title deed, one needs to apply for Municipal Authority seeking mutation of the title of the property.

Payment of Stamp Duty / registration Charges in Andhra Pradesh State

Stamp Duty Charges and registration fee in Andhra Pradesh payment is described

Step 1: The first step is, to open the official website of the Registration and stamp department where you are required to fill in the application form available on the official website.

Step 2: Now, you have to fill in the required details of your property which are registered at the Sub-Registrar Office AP.

Step 3: This process will reduce your time and save your time and money that will be taken in the office of the Sub-Registrar.

Step 4: After that, Submit these information in the required format online. So, the application form can be processed without any time taking process. Also, the whole procedure is available online.

Step 5: The Sub-Registrar Officer adds the complete information in the system to create accurate encumbrances.

How to calculate duty fees on Andhrapradesh IGRS?

Step 1: Visit the official website of IGRSAP or click here to check out the duty fee on igrsap website

calculate duty fees

Step 2: Select the one of the document from the given options such as

  • Sale
  • Mortgage
  • Gift deed
  • Release
  • Partition deed
  • Exchange
  • Power of attorney

Step 3: Now fill the information and get the details easily

 Check market value on IGRS AP

On the official website’s home page, choose the option “market Rates/Basic Rates”. On next page select one of the option from given 2 options

  • Agricultural Land Rates
  • Non-Agricultural Land Rates
Check market value on IGRS AP

Now through this process check out the market value rates

What is Ready Reckoner Rate?

To calculate Stamp duty and registration charges in AP based on either market value rates or Ready Reckoner Rate (RRR), where the Ready Reckoner Rate is the minimum price at which a property can be registered officially

Registration Fees PDF Download

DocumentRegistration ChargeStamp Duty ChargeTransfer Duty Charge
Sale Deed1%5%1.5%
PartitionRs. 1000/-2%Nil

Contact Details

Office Address: Office of the Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration and Stamps, 5-59, R.K.Spring Valley Apartments, Edupugallu, Kankipadu Mandal, A.P, Vijayawada – 521151

List of DIGs & DRs Contact Numbers

Sri. Rajat Bhargava, IAS,Spl. Chief Secretary, Revenue Registration,
Block-A.P.Secretariat, Gollapudi,
Email-Id : [email protected]  
Sri M. V. Seshagiri Babu, IAS,  Inspector General
(Registration & Stamps),A.P.  
Tel No: 0866-2428532
Fax No: 0866-2428532
Email-Id : [email protected]
Sri M. UdayaBhaskar, Addl.IG,   Tel No: 08662428533
Email-Id: [email protected]
Sri V.Ravi Kumar,Jtig-I,   Tel No: 08662428534
Email-Id: [email protected]
AIG CARD,   Mobile No : +91-7093921303
Email-Id : [email protected]

Final Words

Hope you will get all information. If you still have a query, you can ask us in comment section. You can also bookmark our site sarkariiyojana.in for latest updates.

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