Thor love and thunder

Chris Hemsworth’s real-life daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder, Check Review, Box Office Collection

Thor: Love and Thunder open on Friday, with some previews as early as Wednesday. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fans will undoubtedly hit theatres, with the film’s massive box office estimate of $300 million on its opening weekend. But MCU fans who have been dying to know what happens in Love & Thunder and what the film’s ending means for the Thor franchise should know that there are a lot of plot leaks going on right now.

The good news is that all these leaks went online after the red carpet premiere. So, after Marvel allowed the critics to see the film.

In other words, you won’t accidentally run into these plot leaks, as they could have happened in the months before Far From Home’s release. With that in mind, this is your last chance to avoid spoilers ending Love & Thunder before the movie premieres. You can read our spoiler-free Thor: Love and Thunder review in this article.

Thor love and thunder

Thor: Love And Thunder leaks

The leak, happening hours after the film’s release in theatres, is a major setback for the studios and theatre owners. Many fans who were waiting for the movie to stream on OTT can now download and stream it from these pirated websites. Although websites offering pirated content is illegal in the country and are generally blocked, obviously this will be a big issue for the studios as well as the makers of the film.

The film is expected to stream on Disney+ Hotstar or Netflix after 90 days of running in theatres. However, now that the film has been leaked online, it can be streamed on OTT only by the end of August. Fast-forward to Wednesday, and Fiction Horizon has more Love and Thunder coverage that spoils the whole action and the ending of the film with no details.

For example, this Love and Thunder plot coverage tells us that the Guardians only briefly appear in the film, leaving Thor to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Thor and the Guardians are separated when the God of Thunder learns that Ceph (Jamie Alexander) is in danger, and rushes to save him.

This is not the first Marvel film to be leaked online. Like, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness was also leaked online a day after its release.

Thor: Love And Thunder Ending

  • As indicated by previous plot leaks, Love & Thunder won’t have an entirely happy ending. 
  • The villain needs Thor’s weapon to travel to the gates of eternity where he can ask for whatever he wants. And that is where Thor and Jane will make their last stand against Gore. Thor will give up, but he will convince Gore to choose love over vengeance. And Gore will ask to revive his daughter Luv.
  • Jane promises Gore that love will not be lonely, and the ending of Love and Thunder lets us let Thor take care of love. The child has a piece of eternity and that means he has his own powers.
  • Gore dies, because he is doomed to die after using the Necrosword. Jane also dies after trying to destroy Gore’s weapon. She dies in Thor’s arms in a similar fashion to Odin (Anthony Hopkins) in Ragnarok.
  • This is certainly not the end of Unconditional Love and Thunder. There are two scenes in Thor 4 after the credits. Which were completely leaked a few days back and Fiction Horizon also confirms them

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